Gifted & Talented

NEISD gifted and talented students need a qualitatively differentiated program that is advanced, complex, and in-depth. The core purpose of the North East gifted program is to facilitate the optimal development of each student’s intellectual and creative gifts and talents.

Contact Information

Address: 8961 Tesoro Dr
San Antonio, Tx 78217
Phone:(210) 407-0327

Summer Reading

  • Below are links to the High School GT English Summer Reading Assignments.  

Identification & Assessment

  • Referral for Services

    Parents, teachers, counselors, or administrative personnel may refer a student for GT services. Not all student who are referred for testing may qualify for services. To qualify, students must demonstrate an academic need for enrichment and must score in the 95 percentile or higher on the majority of nationally normed testing administered. Referrals for testing are accepted during the following periods:

  • Who is a good candidate for GT testing?

  • How do I refer my child for GT testing?

  • What kind of testing will be administered?