Phone: (210)356-4400


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts English Certifications: English 6-12, Reading 6-12, Special Education EC-12

Mrs. Katherine Matta

  I am happy to be at Jackson Middle School for my 24th year.  I am a graduate of Madison High School in NEISD. I attended El Dorado Elementary School and Wood Middles School, also in NEISD.  I have a bachelors in English from St. Mary's University. My certifications are in English  grades 6-12, Reading grades 6-12, and Special Educations grades EC-12.  I am excited to see the full potential in each and every student and am thankful to all of the parents for sharing their students with me.


  • News-2-You Topics

    August 17:  School Year Decisions

    August 24:  New Mars Rover

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Notes
    8/17: A Day Workskills: Zoom Etiquette LA: News-2-You: School Year Decisions Rec and Liesure: Bitmoji Class 8/18: B Day LA: News-2-You: School Year Decisons Social Studies: Citizenship Reading: Following Directions 8/19: A Day Workskills: Etiquette Language Arts: Singular and Plural Rec: Bitmojo Class 8/20: B Day LA: Singular and Plural Social Studies: Maps Reading: Context Clues 8/21: A Day Workskills: Internet Safety Language Arts: News-2- You: New Mars Rover Rec: Bitmoji Classroom  
    8/24: B Day LA: News-2-You: New Mars Rover Social Studies: Citizenship Reading: 5 W's 8/25: A Day Worksills: Coins Language Arts: Nouns and Verbs Rec: Bitmoji Classroom 8/26: B Day LA: Nouns and Verbs Social Studies: Place in the News Reading: Retelling Fiction Stories 8/27: A Day Workskills: Coins LA: Capitalization Rec: Bitmoji Classroom 8/28: B Day LA: Capitalization Social Studies: Leaders Reading: Story Elements  
    8/31: A Day Workskills: Money LA: News-2-You Rec: Bitmoji Class 9/1: B Day LA: News-2-You Social Studies: Past, Present and Future Reading: Sensory Language 9/2: A Day Workskills: Money LA: Capitalization Rec: Bitmoji Classroom 9/3: B Day LA: Capitalization Social Studies: Labor Day Reading: Fiction vs. Non Fiction 9/4: A Day: Workskills: Money LA: Capitalization: Social Studies: Labor Day  

Class Schedule

  • A Days

    Period 1:  8:30 am - 9:35  am  Workskills

    Period 2:  9:40 am- 10:45 am:  ALE Language Arts

    Period 3:  10:50 am- 11:55 am:  Recreiation and Leisure 

    Lunch: 12:00 pm - 12:40 pm

    Period 4:  12:45 pm- 1:50 pm:  Conference


    B Days

    Period 5: 8:30 am-9:35 am:   ALE Language Arts

    Period 6:  9:40 am -10:45 am:  ALE Social Studies

    Period 7: 10:50 am - 11:55 am ALE Social Studies


    Lunch: 12:00 pm - 12:40 pm

    Period 8: 12:45 pm -1:50 pm:  Reading