News -2-You Topics

    August 15:  Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival

    August 22:  The Great Migration in East Africa

    August 29: U.S. Air Force 75th Anniversary



    Unit 21:  My Country, My Rights (Government) - Identifies rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

    Unit 22:  Science Fair:  (Scientific Inquiry)Teaches the scientific inquiry process through participation in a science fair. 

    Unit 23:  Out Place in Space: (Earth and Space Science):  Explores the relationship of Earth to the Moon, the Sun, and the planets.

    Unit 24:  It's a Tradition (Cultures)- Explores traditions and celebrations of various cultures in the U.S.

    Unit 25:  We Need Change (History):  Explores conflict and how it has changed the U.S.

    Unit 26:  What Makes This Place Special? (Geography):  Uses maps to explore geographical and human-made features of various regions.

    Unit 27:  Making Waves: Light and Sound: (Physical Science):  Explores how light and sound waves interact with various materials.   

    Unit 28:  I Can Earn Money: (Economics):  Looks at income and banking services.

    Unit 29:  I Look Like My Parents:  (Life Science):  Explores how traits are inherited from parents.