Dress Code


    Please read the updated brochure for the Jackson Middle School UNIFORM POLICY.

    2023-2024 JMS Uniform Policy

  • There will be designated spirit, college, field trip, and holiday dress days throughout the school year. Proper and timely communication will be sent home during these occasions

  • Pants/Skirts/Shorts
    • Navy or black cotton, or polyester twill slacks/ walking shorts, skirt or jumper, skorts, and capri pants
    • Navy, black or white leggings may be worn under shorts or skirt; however, skirt/shorts/skort length must not measure more than 3 inches above the knee.

    The following are not acceptable:

    • Denim, jeans, jean style pants, corduroy, athletic sweats, or work out clothes.
    • Torn seams, frayed pants • Spandex or lycra; to include bicycle shorts, gym shorts, basketball shorts.
    • Jeggings or leggings may not be worn as pants.

    Shirts/Blouses – Solid White

    • Collared, oxford/polo/golf-type, long or short sleeves are allowed; no t-shirts.
    • Spandex and lycra tops are not allowed as shirts. • School organization shirts or spirit shirts may be worn any day of the week.


    • Appropriate footwear is required based on classroom setting and activities as determined by the campus administration.

    Cold Weather Attire:

    A uniform/spirit shirt must be worn underneath when students wears a hoodie/jacket.

    Hats, hoods on hooded sweatshirts, shirts and jackets may not be worn during instruction, passing periods, or while in the building.


    Students enrolled at W.W. Jackson Middle School are expected to be in uniform. A student out of compliance with the uniform policy will be placed in an alternative educational environment.

    Schools adopting a school uniform may have standards that exceed the District’s dress code.

    Hair color that is considered by your student’s school administration to be distracting and/or disruptive to the educational environment are prohibited. Designs are not allowed to be cut into the hair.

    Dress Code Violations

    If a student arrives at school and is not in compliance with the school’s uniform policy, the student will:

    • Call parent/guardian to bring a uniform.
    • Placed in the In-School Suspension (ISS) until parent/guardian brings uniform, or remain in ISS for the remainder of the day.
    • Persistent noncompliance with the uniform policy will be considered insubordination.

    Students must abide by North East Independent School District dress code policies.