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    Take a look at the community meeting held on April 25 where we explained North East ISD's budget, how public schools are funded, and how it affects you—the taxpayer.

  • North East ISD wants to prepare students for success in and out of school. And as a public school district, we have many components and processes that contribute to this goal. Students need to get fed, staff need to get compensated, buildings need to be maintained, support services need to be provided, supplies need to be purchased. The list goes on and on.

    A school district budget can certainly be difficult to understand and even more challenging to describe. School districts are funded through a combination of state, federal and local dollars. And it is common for many myths and misconceptions to be circulated about how and why school districts spend their money.

    In addition to hearing from District finance experts, community members had the opportunity to submit questions before and during the meeting. These questions and answers will be posted on this page, so check back for updates.

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  • 4.25.23 | School Finance Meeting Questions (click here to open)