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    In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, all Fall 2020 classes will be virtual. ALIR will not meet in person until it is safe to do so. Please see the accompanying catalog for details, to include registration instructions.

    ALIRians and Friends:

    The ALIR Council, the Curriculum Committee, and the Online Learning Committee are proud to present the course catalog for the Fall semester. Putting this 100% online catalog of classes together for you has been a grand collaboration and a labor of love for learning.

    Although we will miss seeing each other in the halls and sharing a cup of coffee or a cookie, we will have the opportunity to visit with each other using this “new to us” technology until we can meet again in person. Please don’t let fear of something new keep you from participating. You will have to sign up for the online platform ZOOM. We’ll have classes available on how to use ZOOM and it’s our hope that you will find it as easy as clicking on a link in an email.

    In addition, we encourage you to share this course catalog with your friends, so they too can register for classes. With the Covid-19 pandemic still restricting our activities, being able to enjoy ALIR ZOOM classes can be a great antidote to the isolation of sheltering in place. Feel free to forward this catalog to friends who will enjoy learning at home while Zooming through interesting topics alongside knowledgeable ALIR instructors. Perhaps you might even see them in the same classes!

    How to Register

    Go to SignUpGenius, the ALIR registration site, by clicking this link.

    • Select the classes you want by going to the correct weekday, then the time, and you will see the class listed. Once you’ve found it, click the check box.
    • Select another class if you want, on a different day and/or time.
    • Click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page – and you’re enrolled!
    • Fill in the required contact information (name, email address and phone number)—that’s how your instructor(s) will keep in touch and invite you to each class.

    Before the class, you should receive a confirming email from SignUpGenius and a welcome email directly from the class instructor.

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