History and Culture of Germany: Three City Portraits

    3 weeks Online (Friday A) 10:30am -11:30am

    Here’s your opportunity to hear the stories behind some German cities which are a bit off the beaten path. We’ll learn about

    • Trier. This city on Germany’s border with France has many Roman buildings from the time when it was a capital of the Roman Empire. Both Emperor Constantine and Karl Marx grew up in the city. In the Middle Ages Trier was one of the three Archbishoprics of The Holy Roman Empire.
    • Nürnberg. The ideological capital of the Holy Roman Empire, therefore chosen by the Nazis for their party rallies, and therefore bombed by the Allies in WWII. Albrecht Dűrer, the great painter of the Northern Renaissance, lived here.
    • Greifswald. One of the oldest German universities is located in this city on the Polish border. It was occupied in the Thirty Years War by Wallenstein and remained Swedish until 1815. Caspar David Friedrich painted his haunting Romantic landscapes in and around his home town of Greifwald.



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