Anonymous Complaints

  • Confidential matters can be reported via online form or hotline*.

    *Hotline calls go to an answering machine maintained by the Internal Audit Department, which will conduct or arrange for an appropriate review or investigation of your complaint. You may remain anonymous by not disclosing your name, or you can ask that your identity be kept confidential. If you remain anonymous it may be more difficult to investigate your complaint. If you ask that your identity be kept confidential, Internal Audit will protect your identity and disclose it only to the auditors or investigators assigned to review the complaint. 

    What To Report

    • Illegal or fraudulent acts;
    • Waste of funds;
    • and Misuse or theft of District property or funds.

    District Policies Covering Fraud

    • CCA (Local) and DBD (Legal)

    Information to Provide

    • Circumstances of the incidents noted (dates, times, names, places);
    • The offices and individuals involved;
    • Location of any available evidence (physical evidence or records);
    • Names and telephone numbers of credible witnesses; and
    • Caller's name and telephone number, if you choose not to remain anonymous.

    Do not use the Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Hotline to report complaints or grievances involving wages, working conditions, discrimination, and other personnel issues. These issues should be reported in accordance with Board policy DGBA (Local), Employee Complaints/Grievances.