• Instructional Use of Videos

    The majority of video clips and videos shown in schools are used during face-to-face instruction in order to meet educational objectives. This type of use is covered by the fair use exemption.

    Non-Instructional Use of Videos and Public Performance Rights

    When videos/movies are used for non-instructional purposes, (e.g., rainy day recess, before and after school activities, family movie nights, etc.), schools need permission for "public performance." Some videos purchased by school libraries come with Public Performance Rights, whereas others do not. Check the video packaging for a statement such as:

    "Rights granted with purchase include public performance."

    Movie Licensing USA- Public Performance Site License

    A yearly subscription to Movie Licensing USA provides campuses with a public performance site license covering many movie studios. Library Services aggregates campus funds to purchase a district-wide subscription (costing considerably less than individual school subscriptions).

       Steps in the Subscription Renewal Process:

    • Renewal information is distributed to librarians in mid-August
    • Librarian and campus Budget Manager complete Group Order Form and submit to the Director's Administrative Assistant by the date specified on the form
    • Library Services initiates the purchase order
    • NEISD Budget Department reclassifies the purchase order and charges the schools' accounts

    Additional information about movies that are covered by this site license are available on the Movie Licensing USA website.