Educator Tools

  • Fair Use

    Copyright for Educators - Fair Use Episode 3 part 1. This series by KOCE-TV is called, "Copyright for Educators," and it is designed to help educators learn about Fair Use and what they can and can't do within the category of "Teaching" in the Copyright Act.

    Note: Part II of the video focuses on the use of "safe harbor guidelines" that are not law and may be more restrictive than what is allowable under fair use, therefore, only Part I is embedded on our site.

  • Transformativeness

    Learn about copyright and fair use with this music video from the Media Education Lab. This video supports the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education available at

  • Videos and Movie Licensing

    Movie Licensing USA provides a site public performance license covering many movies. See their website for specific studios and titles included in the subscription.