• Exploratory Opener

    Graham Cracker Earthquake model\ Build an Earthquake-proof Structure
    Seismic Monitor
    Active map shows locations of earthquakes
    Create a Wave box


    Simulation:  Take the lid from a copy paper box. Draw a target inside the lid.  Students use sugar cubes or similar items to build houses, buildings, walls inside the lid.  Carefully lift the lid and tap the underside of the box on the center of the bulls-eye to see the effects. 

    Earthquakes are linked to many other natural disasters. 

    • What do volcanoes and earthquakes have in common?
    • How are earthquakes related to tsunamis?
    • How are earthquakes related to landslides?
    • Would earthquake-proof structures be helpful in other natural disasters? 
    • What makes a structure earthquake-proof?
    • Does the distance from the epicenter of the quake make a difference?
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