Step 2

Step 2: Prepare for Registration Appointment: Review Documentation Requirements

  • What documents do I need to register my child(ren)?

    • Current immunization record
    • Certified copy of the child's birth certificate (copies from the hospital will not be accepted),
    • Social security card of child being registered
    • Parent or Guardian's valid driver's license
    • Proof of residency (no subleasing or room rentals permitted):
      • Homeowner (listed on Bexar Cad)—a current copy of the top portion of a water, gas or electric bill showing address, month of bill and bill amount
      • Leaser/Renter—current signed lease agreement—parent/guardian must be listed as the lease holder or occupant
      • If parent/guardian is not listed as homeowner, leaser or occupant then an Establishing Proof of Residency must be completed. The parent/guardian, homeowner and/or lease holder will need to complete the form at the campus.

    Do you have multiple children to register?

    If you have multiple children to register, we've made it easy for you to register several students at once by setting up an appointment at a Registration Hub! Prepare all the documents need for each child and schedule an appointment at your designated hub.

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