Session (approx. 45-60 min.)

  • Google Docs version of Stop & Jot / Spanish version

    Session Starter:

    Show students several types of resources featured under the Explore tab on the Rapid Changes LibGuide. Explain why exploring a variety of different types of resources is important.

    Work Time:

    Students need to login to Launchpad and open Discovery Education in another tab, before they begin exploring the resources.  This will allow all DE links to open. (If using iPads, access Launchpad through Safari rather than the app). Watch video for further assistance. 

    Students will use the Stop & Jot strategy (see Guided Inquiry Design Figure 6.1) to record ideas and questions. This strategy gives students a structure for recording ideas and questions, while avoiding the tendency to start recording full-blown notes too soon in the research process.


    At the end of the class session, use a modified Pair Share Protocol (see Guided Inquiry Design Figure 6.2)

    • Ask students to read over their notes and find one or two things they would like to share with someone else. (Inquiry Journal Prompt: I would like to tell about...)
    • Pairs share. 
    • Debrief as a whole class.
    • Closing question (may be done as a journal prompt, a paper exit ticket or a Google form): What do you want to know more about?

    Spanish Reflection:

    Estímulo para la consulta: Me gustaría hablar sobre…

    ¿Sobre qué quieres aprender más?


Phase: Open
  • During the Explore phase students will browse through a variety of resources in preparation for developing inquiry questions.