NEISD First Year Teacher Academy/Mentoring Program


  • Our work as teachers is the most important work there is. The future of our society depends on a moral, educated population. Teachers stand in the greatest position for effecting a positive impact on children. Every teacher can be effective, given the training, support and time. Everyone deserves the opportunity to learn in an environment of respect and integrity. Becoming an effective teacher is a life-long learning process.


  • The NEISD First Year Teacher Academy provides a broad framework of support and
    guidance leading to greater teacher retention.  The goals of the program include:

    - Develop teacher capacity
    - Empower a sense of teacher efficacy
    - Use formative assessment practices to guide support for first year teachers
    - Direct support toward improving student achievement
    - Document professional growth over time
    - Model and encourage ongoing self-assessment and reflection
    - Foster collaboration and leadership among teachers


  • The First Year Teacher Academy includes the following:

    - Elementary teachers with zero (0) year teaching experience
    - Elementary teachers with one (1) year teaching experience in NEISD or another school district
    - Middle school teachers (all content areas) with zero (0) year teaching experience
    - Master Mentors –Teachers on a campus who provide support and guidance to all new teachers
    - District Mentors – District Support Team is dedicated to coordinating and sustaining the mentoring program.
    - New Teacher Orientation (NTO)
    - District in-service days
    - After school sessions
    - Teacher Choice
    - Super Saturday

Effective Mentor

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Audrey Garcia
Assistant Director State Compensatory Education
(210) 407-0119
Gina Graham
Assistant Director Professional Development
(210) 407-0113
Cathy Hinojosa
Assistant Director Special Projects
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