• The recruitment process can be very challenging without the right information and the right guidance.  Here you will find links which can help you navigate through the recruiting process.  On campus, do not underestimate the value gained by talking to your athlete's Head Coach, the Assistant  Athletic Coordinator, and also the Athletic Coordinator.  Your child's counselor can also be very helpful when collecting forms and transcripts to be submitted.


    Free Recruiting Webinar

    This site contains information with a free 60 minute webinar that you and your child need to watch together.  This webinar will assist you in understanding the inmportance of obtaining as much knowledge as possible when navigating through the recruiting process.  This needs to be your families first step in the process.

    NCAA Recruiting Website

    This site is the NCAA Recruiting Website which can help answer many questions that you or your child may have at this time.  Please understand that there is a lot of information to absorb and will take time to navigate.  We recommend researching this page after watching the webinar listed above and before talking to someone on campus.  By gathering information and creating questions  before a meeting the more beneficial that meeting will be for you and your child.