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  • Madison grad plays in the Super Bowl, but his memories at NEISD are some of his fondest

    Posted by Evan Henson on 1/12/2022

    Nate talking to player

    “I always tell these kids the journey is more important than the destination.”

    That’s solid advice from 2010 Madison High School graduate Nate Askew.

    And his journey has been a pretty cool one.

    It started at Fox Run Elementary School, and then took him to Wood Middle School and Madison High School.

    At Madison, he played for the legendary hall-of-fame football coach Jim Streety.

    “I still keep in touch with him. I keep in touch with a lot of my coaches,” said Askew. “Coaches, they just they kind of stick with you. Football is the greatest teacher of life. It teaches you to be accountable. It teaches you to respect others -- to work with different people from all different backgrounds that come together for a common goal.”

    Nate with Boyd

    While his coaches were vital in his journey, he made sure one of his former teachers got a lot of credit, too -- Brandi Boyd.

    “She helped me out a lot. My first year of high school was her first year of teaching. So, we kind of came up together,” said Askew. “She was just so genuine. You ever had somebody that you just met and just like, man, they’re good people, like, you know, they got your best interests? That’s how Mrs. Boyd was with me. At any moment, whatever it was, no matter if it was school-related or not, she had my best interest in mind.”

    He also remembers giving her a hard time about being an Aggie on her first day. It’s funny now, because four years later, he signed with Texas A&M and became an Aggie himself.

    “I loved A&M. Take football out of it; it was just awesome.”

    He played with guys like Johnny Manziel, Von Miller and Mike Evans.

    When he graduated in 2014, he went pro.

    Nate playing for Bucs

    He played for three NFL teams, ending his career with the Carolina Panthers after Super Bowl 50.

    “It was a great experience for me, for my family, opened up a lot of doors,” said Askew. “But it was kind of bittersweet. I worked my whole life to achieve that goal. The NFL was fun, but it’s a business first. I realized the easy part was getting there. It was harder to stay.”

    It was the journey, not the destination. And that’s a valuable lesson many student-athletes need to hear. And it’s one Askew constantly imparts on the next generation. Coaches often invite Askew to speak to NEISD teams to encourage them and offer lessons from his journey. He loves this part of the journey. He loves helping kids. He loves what NEISD offered him. 

    “Those are the years you take back. But, oh man, I stand and fight for NEISD. I loved it.”

    Nate’s journey has brought him back to San Antonio.

    He’s a real estate agent now and loving it.

    While his journey has been a pretty exciting one, some of his favorite moments are from his time at Madison.

    “When I was young, I was saying, 'I can’t wait to graduate.' Now I would come back to Madison in a heartbeat. Just walk the circle with my teammates. A lot of kids get in a hurry to grow up. Enjoy the moment. Don’t take this time, right now, for granted.”

    Nate playing for Bucs

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  • Support goes well beyond graduation at NEISD

    Posted by Lila Stanley on 1/7/2022 8:30:00 AM

    “ETA is a family. We’re going to help you get that educational start but also that personal and emotional support.”

    Retired counselor Linda Howe made a special trip back to Roosevelt High School to see former student, Adeniji Ogunlana. He was part of the Engineering & Technologies Academy (ETA) and graduated from Roosevelt in 2015. He went on to attend Princeton University and now works as a Software Engineer at TikTok!

    Linda spent 24 years at ETA before retiring two years ago, but her students are still near and dear to her heart.

    “The fact that year-to-year more than half the class graduates Summa Cum Laude is so amazing,” said Howe. “Having that support system that makes learning fun makes ETA a special program.”

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    Adeniji hugs his former ETA counselor niji Ogunlana and retired counselor Linda Howe

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  • NEISD Fine Arts friends find a way for the show to go on

    Posted by Lila Stanley on 12/16/2021 12:00:00 PM

    Audrey and Christian on a family trip at Disney LandWhen Las Lomas Elementary School music teacher Leigh Anne Roeber had to take a medical leave of absence in November, she was worried her choir students would miss out on holiday performances and recitals.

    Without hesitation two of her colleagues, Audrey and Christian De La Cruz, volunteered to fill in so the choir kids wouldn’t miss a beat. Audrey teaches choir at Bush Middle School and Christian teaches choir at Reagan High School. 

    Thanks to their generosity and gift of their own time, the Las Lomas Honor Choir successfully performed their Veterans Day, December PTA performance and holiday concert. Roeber says the gesture was even more impactful because Las Lomas students could attend Bush and Reagan in just a few years. 

    “The De la Cruz’s have given our Las Lomas Lions and their families a beautiful gift by not only enabling these performances to take place, but by building connections with their future students to encourage their joyful music making,” said Roeber. “I don’t know of another cluster with this level of support for their feeder programs, and I am beyond grateful to be part of this Reagan Fine Arts team. I can’t tell you what a blessing it was to know that my students were in the most capable and compassionate hands when I couldn’t be here.”

    Roeber says the support continued at the campus level when fourth grade teacher Alison Davies volunteered to run choir rehearsals twice a week during her absence. 

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