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  • NEPD officer serves the community that raised him

    Posted by NEISD Communications on 6/10/2021 8:00:00 AM

    Officer Dingman smiles from his patrol carChristopher Dingman wakes up every day ready to serve and protect the community that raised him. As a student, he attended Roan Forest Elementary School, Tejeda Middle School and before graduating from Johnson High School in 2016.

    Growing up, he always dreamed of becoming a police officer. That dream became a reality when he officially joined the North East Police Department in January. And Dingman hit the ground running, ready to make a difference as a District patrol officer.

    “When NEISD called me the first time to come and interview, I pulled all my applications everywhere else, hoping that this would work out. Being able to give back to my community is really special. I can make a difference and I can be that positive role model in a student’s life and make a real change.”

    Dingman knows that real change can only come from real, honest conversations. It’s important for him to connect with students in a positive way. Advocating for mental health awareness is a cause that’s near and dear to him. And he realizes that there’s great power in reading a book to an elementary class, talking to students in the pickup lane or sitting down for lunch in the cafeteria.

    “Under the uniform and under the badge, we’re people just like everybody else,” said Dingman. “I want to work somewhere where I feel like I’m making an impact and I have that here. I can sit across the lunch table with a student who’s having a bad day and maybe they’ll open up to me and we can have an honest conversation.” 

    Starting his career at North East ISD felt a lot like coming home, and Dingman considers it a great privilege to walk the halls and reconnect with the people who watched him grow up.

    “It’s a cool feeling when you see a former teacher and they tell you that they’re proud of you,” said Dingman. “At the end of the day, I want to be able to wear this uniform with this badge and be a positive light in someone’s life.”

    Thank you, Officer Dingman, for shining your light back home at NEISD.

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  • How NEISD educators impacted the Harper family

    Posted by NEISD Communications on 6/9/2021 1:00:00 PM

    Our teachers have the power to change lives. They do it every day, often quietly and consistently, in our classrooms, hallways and communities. North East ISD teachers have had a profound impact on the Harper family. As Tiffany Harper reflects on her boys’ experience, three incredible educators stand out.

    “Teachers have impacted our sons far more than I ever expected. 

    When my youngest started at a new school, his kindergarten teacher made him feel comfortable and enjoyed class when he was sad and unsure of school as a whole. Two years later, that same teacher would make second grade his favorite year of school. Thank you, Tom Martinez, for being so great with Jarren. 

    Our middle son was rambunctious and always into something. It took an observant teacher who saw potential in Ethan to discover that he is an incredibly talented artist. Tracy Spruill, thank you for bringing out Ethan’s creative side. 

    And to the teacher who saw my son as more than he saw in himself. She taught him that he was capable of far greater things than he knew could be possible. He struggled with ADHD, and she helped him see his own potential and even to this day, she is a huge part of why he continues to excel. Lynda Negrete, you helped Aidan see the greatness within himself when even our words weren’t enough. I can’t ever show you how grateful Robbie Harper and I am for that.”

    Thank you to Tom Martinez of Thousand Oaks Elementary School and Lynda Negrete and Tracy Spruill of Wetmore Elementary School for your patience, guidance and support. 

    Aidan, Ethan and Jarren are pictured below, holding pictures of their favorite teachers. 

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    Aidan, Ethan and Jarren hold photos of their favorite teachers

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  • Senior cherishes personal letter from former elementary teacher

    Posted by NEISD Communications on 6/4/2021 1:30:00 PM

    When Gabriel Perez graduated from Roosevelt High School, he walked the stage with the full support of his family, friends and teachers. His journey from Coker Elementary School to the Krueger School of Applied Technologies (KSAT) and the Engineering & Technologies Academy (ETA) put many incredible educators in his path.

    But Suzanne Horan is in a category of her own. She currently teaches at Wilderness Oak Elementary School but taught Gabriel in fourth grade at Coker. She recently took the time and care to mail her former students a personal letter ahead of graduation. This gesture meant so much to Gabriel and his mother, Regina Perez.

    "As a parent, my heart is full," said Regina Perez. "Suzanne Horan was my graduating senior's former fourth-grade teacher. Mrs. Horan sent him a personal greeting in the mail recently. She not only included her letter, but also sent him a letter that he wrote during his time in her classroom at Coker Elementary. The love and support that Mrs. Horan continues to show her students is a testimony to how our District values each and every child."

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    Take a look at the letter below.

    Gabriel holds the letter from Mrs. Horan Gabriel at graduation in his cap and gown



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