• Dr Brian G. Gottardy Since North East ISD was founded in 1955, the District has stood by its mission to bring a tradition of excellence for all students. From walking down the hallway on the first day of school to crossing the stage at graduation, our students move on to positively affect communities around the world. 

    We all have great moments and memories to share when reflecting on our time in school. This is your opportunity to shine a light on North East ISD and the part it played in shaping your future. 

    Many of your stories will be shared right here on our Tell Your Story page for all of NEISD to enjoy. Imagine how your former teachers, counselors or coaches will feel when they learn you haven't forgotten the impact they made on your life.

    These wonderful moments will truly inspire and encourage others to share their own stories too. 



  • Admiral McRaven speaking at Roosevelt High School

  • Here are some ways you could tell your story:

    • You can reflect on a defining moment at NEISD that shaped your future.

    • You can remember when a faculty member or District employee helped you reach your potential or helped you to overcome a daunting obstacle.

    • You are a former or current NEISD parent/guardian who had an educator or District employee go above and beyond to guide your child to success. 

    • You have a great example or story regarding a way that the District or campus had a positive impact on your community.



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  • Reagan Band Community 'CLASS ACT'

    Posted by Manuel J Gamez on 10/30/2018 2:25:00 PM

    Good Morning Mrs. Shelton 

    I wanted to express our sincerest gratitude to your amazing band community. This past Saturday, Mr. Morrison and his staff reached out to our program in a time of need and desperation.  The Hendrickson Band program were experiencing issues with locating a tractor to haul their equipment to Heroes Stadium before their 2 pm performance. It was around 11 am that morning that I received a phone call from Mr. Daffinee and Mr. White offering any assistance they could to our band program. They offered to send their trailer, use their equipment and having parents available to help unload. 

    Mrs. Shelton, your band staff, parents and students are a CLASS ACT! It is known that your band community is one to be acknowledged for their musical achievements and master teaching. You can proudly add that your band community are amazing humanitarians and advocates of great sportsmanship to that long list of great things your program does year in and year out.

    We are humbled by their willingness to reach out to us in a time of need. Simply put; GREAT PEOPLE!

    Thank you for your time and we here in PfISD wish you and your band program much success this coming weekend.  BRAVO to you and your Band Community! 

     Most humbled,

    Manuel J Gamez

    Director of Fine Arts 

    Pflugerville Independent School District 

    Pflugerville Band

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  • The Potters: It’s A Family Thing

    Posted by David Potter on 10/25/2018 10:30:00 AM

    “I have been around NEISD since birth. My dad (John L Potter) started with NEISD in 1959 at Walzem ES and retired 33 years later from Eisenhower M.S. where he was a coach/teacher. My mom (Carol Potter) worked at Olmos, Stahl and Encino Park where she retired as a librarian with 35 years of service. My kid sister (Debbie Potter Dowd) worked at Stahl and Fox Run for 11 years. I worked for several years in the construction trade and in 1991 came to work for NEISD as a custodian so I could contribute to education. I started with the original opening of Oak Meadow and eventually moved to Windcrest as head custodian. Presently I work in the Maintenance dept. as the HVAC Controller. And to make it even more special, my daughter (Billie Potter) is presently the assistant Head custodian at Northwood Elem. Over the past 15 + years I have developed many contacts and friends and I am proud to say I attended Olmos , Nimitz and graduated from Robert E Lee H.S. in 1979. I am even prouder to say I am an employee with NEISD and I am doing my part to assist in the education of the leaders of tomorrow. My goal is to retire in two years with 30 years of service.” -David Potter

    Potter Family

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  • The NEISD 360 Experience At Work

    Posted by Mike and Carrie Mathews on 10/8/2018 12:11:00 PM

    Mr. Mehlbrech, 

    I presume my wife and I are like many parents who wonder how well their kids were prepared when they graduated from Johnson HS. How do they measure up - not only to kids in Texas, but nationally? 

    I am happy to report your staff and faculty clearly prepared my son Garrett exceptionally well as he entered the US Military Academy at West Point.

    West Point places new cadets into classes based on a holistic review of their academic records.  They take their coursework, AP test scores, and ACT/SAT performance into account.  They also give require them to take additional West Point placement exams, which are heavily weighted in their decisions.  

    Garrett tested into the upper-level math class, commonly nick-named "jedi" math. He tested into upper-level physics. He tested out of World History, and was placed into an upper-level regional history class. He is excelling physically - scoring very high on all tested requirements.  He earned several awards during "Beast Barracks." He is trying new things - joining clubs, and trying out for the National Championship caliber Judo Team. He was clearly ready for the rigors of West Point - academically, physically, socially.

    I could provide you with a dozen stories about his experiences at Johnson.  But, I want to confirm what I am sure you already know - we are very, very fortunate to have such exceptional teachers, coaches, and staff at Johnson.   

    It doesn't happen by accident - so thank you for your leadership. 

    Most importantly however, I want to offer a heart-felt thanks to all of his teachers, counselors, and coaches for setting him on a path to achieve his full potential.  We are eternally grateful for what you've done for our son. 


    Mike and Carrie Mathews 

    Garrett in West Point Uniform

    Winning wrestling

    Winning award with coach

    Garrett Wrestling


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  • Father Daughter Traditions #theNEISDway

    Posted by Amy Reasons Copes on 10/1/2018 11:15:00 AM

    "My dad, Joe Reasons, started his teaching and coaching career in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. In 1981, when he got a job as a coach and teacher at Jackson Middle School, our family moved from Michigan to San Antonio. I went to Larkspur Elementary School for 3rd grade, and I still remember riding the bus to Blossom Athletic Center once a week for the PE swimming unit. That alone helped me realize San Antonio might not be so bad.

    ​After Larkspur, I attended Stahl Elementary School and Wood Middle School, before graduating from Madison High School. During this time, my dad worked at a private school as well as at San Antonio ISD, but then he ultimately found his way back “home.” He was an assistant principal at Churchill High School while I was going to Madison and I used to give him a hard time about not wearing Madison colors at the football games. He would just laugh and say, “Amy, don’t forget Churchill pays the bills.” I will never forget when Madison played Churchill in football my senior year. I walked out of the house to drive to school, and saw my car windows painted with Churchill colors and, “Go Chargers!” all over it. That made for an interesting morning in the school parking lot.

    ​Dad eventually became the Principal at Nimitz Middle School. Then he went back to Churchill for 10 years as the Principal, before moving over to central office to become Executive Director of School Administration. While he was working on all of that, I graduated from Abilene Christian University, and eventually came back to my roots. I am proud to say that not only am I a product of NEISD, but I also have the privilege of leading the next generation of NEISD students. I am currently the Principal at Longs Creek Elementary School, and still get chills when I see our future Mavericks excited on game days. I even found a special spot in my office for my Dollie letter jacket.

    ​When I moved back to San Antonio, I knew I wanted to live where my children would attend NEISD. My hope is some day they will also have memories like those that I have, because I cannot imagine an education for me or for my children without NEISD." --Amy Reasons Copes


    Reasons Family

    Reasons Family

    Amy Reasons at Madison

    Joe Reasons

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  • Feeling the love

    Posted by Amy Welch on 9/20/2018 11:50:00 AM

    As a first-grade teacher, I get to know my students and parents really well. It's one of the best parts of teaching. However, yesterday, my Junior at Johnson had to make some schedule changes. He had to work with the counselor, Mrs. Meza. He came home and told me how hard she worked with him to get the best possible schedule. He ended the conversation with "Mrs. Meza loves me!". He is an average student. He is not a stand out athlete. But in a school of over 2,000 (maybe 3,000?), he came home bragging that his counselor loves him. My mommy heart was so happy! In a place that teaches so many, he got the personal attention that truly impacted him!

    Student and Counselor

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