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  • Who is your child's favorite teacher?

    Posted by Evan Henson on 12/15/2020 9:00:00 AM

    NEISD cares. . It was a campaign born out of the COVID-19 crisis, but it has been true for much longer than this pandemic. Roan Forest teacher, Juanita Blackburn truly cares and she has for years. One mother of a former student, wants everyone to know how much she cares.

    Here's her note:

    Have you ever been asked if your child had a favorite teacher? Of course, we all have many times. But what about you as a parent? Have you ever had a favorite teacher who taught your child?

    Blackburn 2014

    Well, let me say I have two children. A fourteen-year-old freshman at DATA /Roosevelt high school and a seven-year-old second-grader at Hardy Oak elementary. I'd like to answer for my oldest and myself. In third grade, she began to struggle a bit with math. I was nervous. Like any parent, you want to help your child succeed. Her third-grade teacher Mrs. Juanita Blackburn just happened to send out an email to parents offering tutoring before and after school. Well, I signed up my daughter for both; the commitment was 6:45 a.m. If Mrs. Blackburn could be there for our children, then we can get our children there, I thought. I cannot tell you what kind of amazing system she, Mrs. Blackburn has, but I can tell you that her love of teaching and the love she has for our children made all the difference for my daughter. Mrs. Blackburn brought out the confidence my daughter couldn't at the time. She finished third grade happier and confident, ready for fourth grade. My daughter took that confidence and Mastered the math portion of her STAAR test in fourth grade. I couldn't be more grateful to Mrs. Blackburn, not just for her adventure in teaching my daughter, but for showing her love, respect, and confidence. Anytime I meet a family with children going into or coming from Roan Forest, I mention Juanita Blackburn with enthusiasm and admiration.

    You may wonder where my fourteen-year-old is now. Well, with her new mindset and confidence, Isabella Ramirez attended DATA/ Ed White middle school. She received various awards and acknowledgments from her teachers, complete with A/B honor roll and NJHS awards. Isabella is currently taking geometry and physics this year with an A average.

    Mrs. Blackburn continues to encourage her students on their academic achievements. She has instilled in her students the potential to become tomorrow's leaders. For these reasons, Mrs. Juanita Blackburn is my absolute favorite teacher for my Isabella. If this wonderful teacher had not come into our lives, I'm not sure my daughter would be the confident young lady she is now.


    Jennifer Ramirez


    This is what Juanita has to say about her teaching career: 

    "I just love these kids," said Blackburn. "You never know the impact you can have on someone. It touches me to make a difference. It truly humbles me."

    Who is your child’s favorite teacher?

    We want to know. Click here to share your story.

    Juanita Blackburn



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  • Bus 305 | #NEISDcares

    Posted by NEISD Communications Team on 12/8/2020 8:00:00 AM

    NEISD cares. It was a campaign born out of the COVID-19 crisis, but it has been true for much longer than this pandemic. North East ISD bus driver Morris Lim shows how much #NEISDcares during his bus route every day since he was hired back in 2016. That said, a Bulverde Creek Elementary School parent wants everyone to know his caring goes far beyond his route. 

    Here’s her note: 

    “My Down syndrome son, George, has the most amazing bus driver, Mr. Morris Lim. He drives bus 305. He’s a very special person. He calls George every morning when leaving the bus depot for a morning wake up call. He calls, facetimes with George when he’s sick at home, in the hospital, or on summer break. This fall, he went to George’s t-ball games. 

    Thank you in advance for considering a little shout out for the very special Mr. Lim.

    Kristan Welch-LeGrand”

    We want to thank all our NEISD bus drivers who continually go above and beyond for their students. 

    And we want to offer a special thank you to Mr. Lim for showing how much #NEISDcares.

    Morris at game with student

    (Pictured: Mr. Lim stopped by George's t-ball game to cheer him on. Thank you to George’s parents for providing this adorable picture.) 

    Big or small, everyone has a story to tell. Click the link to share your #NEISDcares story with us.


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  • Collaborative technology elevates teaching experience

    Posted by NEISD Communications on 11/6/2020 10:30:00 AM

    Jennifer Montemayor has always felt called to the classroom. Her love of teaching started as a young girl, playing school with her siblings. This lifelong dream came true at Bulverde Creek Elementary School. Montemayor has spent 16 of her 18 years teaching kindergarten and has been a part of the Bulverde Creek family since it opened in 2005. 

    “I feel so blessed to work at Bulverde Creek,” said Montemayor. “I’ve been lucky enough to teach every sibling in multiple families and that has created special bonds that are priceless to me. The relationships with my amazing students and their families keep me coming back year after year.”

    Montemayor discovered an unexpected passion in the classroom – Seesaw. This online application allows teachers to curate lessons and activities that keep students engaged. Montemayor says it’s been a game-changer for her students, especially in the virtual learning era.

    “Seesaw has transformed my classroom,” said Montemayor. “Seesaw has given my students the opportunity to share their learning and demonstrate their understanding of skills through photos, text, audio and video recordings. It’s been so helpful in providing educator support and family tutorials that helped get them started with remote learning.” 

    Montemayor is a Seesaw Ambassador, which gives her the ability to create and share activities with teachers and students around the world. Her passion for getting the most out of this online resource led to her being featured in a New York Times article profiling the app and its role in virtual learning. 

    “Seesaw evolved overnight and became an app that students could use at home with student codes instead of just in the classroom,” said Montemayor. “I have several English Language Learners in my classroom and Seesaw translates text into 55 languages, which is extremely important for my students and their multilingual families.” 

    To date, Montemayor has had 223 activities published to the shared digital teacher library. More than 667,000 students have benefited from her creations. 

    Do you have a story to tell #theNEISDway? We want to hear from you! Click the link to share your story with us

    Collaborative technology elevates teaching experience

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