• Dr Brian G. Gottardy Since North East ISD was founded in 1955, the District has stood by its mission to bring a tradition of excellence for all students. From walking down the hallway on the first day of school to crossing the stage at graduation, our students move on to positively affect communities around the world. 

    We all have great moments and memories to share when reflecting on our time in school. This is your opportunity to shine a light on North East ISD and the part it played in shaping your future. 

    Many of your stories will be shared right here on our Tell Your Story page for all of NEISD to enjoy. Imagine how your former teachers, counselors or coaches will feel when they learn you haven't forgotten the impact they made on your life.

    These wonderful moments will truly inspire and encourage others to share their own stories too. 



  • Admiral McRaven speaking at Roosevelt High School

  • Here are some ways you could tell your story:

    • You can reflect on a defining moment at NEISD that shaped your future.

    • You can remember when a faculty member or District employee helped you reach your potential or helped you to overcome a daunting obstacle.

    • You are a former or current NEISD parent/guardian who had an educator or District employee go above and beyond to guide your child to success. 

    • You have a great example or story regarding a way that the District or campus had a positive impact on your community.



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  • NEISD School-Age Parenting

    Posted by Diana Espinoza on 3/25/2019 8:35:00 AM

    “I was a junior in high school at MacArthur High School when I found out I was pregnant. My entire world came crashing down in a matter of minutes. Luckily, NEISD had a teen parenting program that helped me stay on track to graduate. 

    I ended up having my daughter in July right before my senior year in high school. The week after my daughter was born a tutor came to my house to give me all my course work and help me with my assignments. She was the sweetest, caring lady you could imagine. She would give me time to feed my baby and change her and then let me continue with my work. She pushed me to do my best and reminded me daily that I was going to succeed. 

    I returned to school in September and I settled right in. I was at the same point as my classmates and I was determined to do my best. I went on to become the Business COOP student of the year and I graduated will all my classmates. Then I continued my education at the University of Incarnate Word and graduated with honors with a degree in interdisciplinary studies. 

    I immediately knew that I wanted to come back and teach in a place that had helped me achieve my goals when I was told by many that I would end up just being a statistic. I was hired at Ridgeview Elementary School in 2003. Currently, I teach 2nd grade at Roan Forest Elementary. I am now in my 15th year teaching in NEISD, and I still think this is the best place to work! 

    Had it not been for the Teen Parenting Program, I might have just become a statistic.” -Diana Espinoza


    Diana Espinoza with child in high school

    Diana with child at Roan Forest ES

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  • Middle School Success at DATA!

    Posted by Heather Ginsburg on 3/20/2019 2:44:00 PM

    “Middle school is a big step...for kids and for parents. Thankfully we live in a city and a school district that has a lot of choices. The school we chose with our son is the DATA magnet program at Ed White.

     I am glad we followed through with the Design and Technology Academy. It is the best choice for our 6th grader. The Ed White staff is amazing and the school spirit is incredible. We had a perfectly average student coming out of elementary school. Now we have a student that is regularly above 90 percent! Our son has struggled with attention and did not ever have a love of school...you know, that excitement. He loves DATA - the curriculum has him more engaged than we have ever seen him.

     Now let's talk about the staff! The teachers are incredibly communicative and they genuinely care. Your kid will not get "lost" at DATA. This was our biggest fear. Often the kids in the middle get lost...not the worst students...not the top of the class students...they can fall through the cracks. Not the case for us at DATA. Our son has excelled and if teachers have concerns or reminders, they reach out. If you have concerns, the amazing director, Mr. Ruiz, calls you on the phone and talks with you like a team member. I can go on and on. Oh, Ms. Riojas called me at 8 pm one evening to help me with my crazy first-time middle school mom questions. Ms. Starr regularly communicates with me if I have math questions.” -Heather Ginsburg


    Zayne Tell Your Story


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  • Praise for Camille Vacek

    Posted by Jenny and David Black on 3/8/2019 9:15:00 AM
    "Teacher Camille Vacek has consistently exceeded our expectations in several ways.
    First, she has a wonderful demeanor which is ideal for teaching young children. Both our two children had Ms. Vacek as their Kindergarten teacher. Before Day 1 in her classroom, she made our kids feel welcome and safe at Meet the Teacher night, relieving any nerves they had prior to starting school. Ms. Vacek very quickly develops a special relationship with her students, making them feel loved and important. She naturally has a way to comfort the kids when they are sad or upset or scared, which is very important at this very young age. Her interactions promote a love for learning and excitement to come to school each and every day. She presents herself in a very warm, kind, and professional way – to both children and parents – which makes children comfortable in her classroom and inspires them to learn and behave according to the high standards that she sets. This encourages these young kindergarteners to do their best.
    Not long after the current school year began, I asked our son what his favorite day of the week is and he replied, “every school day”. I believe Ms. Vacek is the biggest reason for his response.
    Second, she exhibits very effective classroom instruction ability. Both of our children have been in her class. (We specifically requested her to be the teacher for our second child.) We’ve been amazed at how much each of our children learned while in kindergarten. Even though our children have very different personalities, both made significant progress in reading, writing and in math. The progress has exceeded our expectations and we are amazed at how much she has inspired our children to want to learn.
    As a parent volunteer, I’ve seen Ms. Vacek in action and love the way she manages her classroom. We have personally learned from her and used some of her techniques at home to better manage our kids. Our whole family has benefitted from her style of teaching. I have read to her Kindergarten classroom on multiple occasions and every time I am amazed at how well behaved the children are. Her students are the most attentive, quiet, and respectful kids compared to other classrooms I have read to.
    Possibly most importantly as a parent, Ms. Vacek goes above and beyond our expectations with respect to communication. She is always quick to respond if we have a question or concern about our children. She is always available for phone calls, emails and texts, even after school hours. We know this is the case from other parents as well. Especially when the kids are in Kindergarten, parents naturally worry about their children. Ms. Vacek is so kind and generous with her time to listen intently and make sure our needs as parents are also met. We have never had a teacher respond in such a way that I know she truly cares about OUR child."
    Jenny and David Black
    Cami Vacek 1
    Cami Vacek 2
    Cami Vacek 3
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  • It all started in 1972 in 2nd grade at Oak Grove Elementary in room 6....

    Posted by Judy Garmoe on 2/25/2019 3:25:00 PM

    My affiliation with NEISD has been such a constant in my life and I am forever grateful for it!


    It all started in 1972 in 2nd grade at Oak Grove Elementary in room 6. The next year the brand-new school, El Dorado Elementary, opened and our 3rd-grade class got to help choose the mascot and colors. The timing was great for this group as Madison High School opened when we were starting 6th grade. We got to choose the mascot and colors of this great school too! This school opened with 6th-9th grade and added a grade every year. At one point it housed 6-12th grade. By the time they built Wood Middle School I was in 10th grade so I went to Madison High School for 7 years!! It makes for a good joke when I tell people it took me 7 years to get out of high school. But I also was young for my grade so I then tell them I started high school at the age of 10! My Madison experience is a cherished memory. The teachers and fellow students were just an exceptional group and I still treasure my continuing friendship with so many of them. Being on the Dollies dance team enabled me to show that Maverick spirit! 

    I knew I wanted to be a teacher and inspire others as my teachers in NEISD had done for me. I got a degree in education and came back to student teach in none other than where it started, Oak Grove Elementary. This led to my dream job, a 3rd-grade teaching position at Harmony Hills Elementary. Again, the heart of NEISD was beating on that campus. Learning was fun and the staff was so dedicated! I stayed there for 10 years and then got the opportunity to open Huebner Elementary with a fantastic staff! I again was able to help choose the mascot and colors just as in years past! 

    Once my children were born I knew we would only live in NEISD! My boys attended Oak Meadow and Wilderness Oak Elementary, Lopez Middle and Reagan High School. I happily served on the PTA Executive Board for 12 years straight and found it very rewarding to be giving back to a district that gave so much to me. 

    I was a part of NEISD for 38 years! I still support the schools and sing the praises of this amazing district!


    El Dorado ES Photo

    JM Cheer Photo 8th Grade




    Patrols at Wilderness Oak


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  • Madison Cheer Squad Makes Lasting Impression

    Posted by Jenn Townsend on 1/17/2019 3:20:00 PM

    #TellYourStory –Below is a letter written to Brandi Boyd, the Cheer Sponsor at Madison HS from Reagan HS parent, Jenn Townsend.

    Good evening Ms. Boyd. My name is Jenn Townsend- I’m the mom of twin cheerleaders on the Reagan Cheer squad. I wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how thankful we are, as a Reagan Cheer family, to have been supported during competition by your cheer squad. 

    At UIL, when our girls didn’t move on, I witnessed several of your cheerleaders reach out to Reagan parents and tell us that our girls looked great and that they knew we would have better luck next year. 

    At Disney, I had tears in my eyes when they chanted the Reagan comp routine with our girls. 

    It truly was such a blessing to see that kind of kindness from an entire team. Your cheerleaders are amazing athletes, but what I will remember about Madison Cheer is the life lesson of caring for others and representing the district in such an amazing way. 

    Thank you for being an awesome representative for your students and the district-and for being a lesson on how to be great humans 馃檶馃徏

    Sending many blessings on cheer tryouts!

    My best,

    Jenn Townsend

     Madison Cheer

    Reagan Cheer

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