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  • Coaches and Students highlight how much #NEISDcares

    Posted by Evan Henson on 10/23/2020

    Gucci Banner

    For the 11th time in a row, the Churchill High School Chargers have beaten the Clark High School Cougars in the highly anticipated Gucci Bowl. The score of the game on Oct 22, 2020, was 28-7.


    And while the on-the-field efforts are certainly something to brag about, there was a whole lot more to be proud of in other areas of the stadium. 


    Churchill Principal Todd Bloomer took a moment to brag on many people who came together to make the night one to remember.


    “The band sounded amazing; the Spirit groups sounded as good as I have heard them in years,” Bloomer said. “I could see their smiles behind the masks! I am so proud of my band directors, my spirit coaches and our athletic coaches.”


    But others showed up that night, who went out of their way to help make sure kids kept their masks on and followed safety protocols so that everyone could enjoy the night.


    “Head swim coach Mark Jedow assisted the entire game and was still at the pool this morning at 6:30,” explained Bloomer. “Head cross country coach Kelly Butler Ragsdale, Head tennis coach Tom Erwin, Head softball coach Jaelene Castro, Assistant volleyball coaches Tyler Gueldner and Katie Ruiz also helped out the entire game and showed up today ready to take on the day.”


    The list goes on.


    “Head volleyball coach Jo Ann Hultgren went and watched Bradley vs. Eisenhower Volleyball on her night off and then came to the game to assist with crowd control,” said Bloomer. “Jackson Middle School Assistant Principal Eddie Lozano put on his WC polo and worked crowd control with us the entire night.”


    But it wasn’t just coaches; the students went above and beyond as well.


    “As the game was ending, we had a group of students who took a trash can and walked the student section and threw away trash,” said Bloomer. “This isn’t the first time that we have had kids pick up trash at games. It just seems to be the way Churchill does things.” 


    It’s that kind of dedication that continues to show the North East ISD community how much #NEISDcares.


    Big or small, everyone has a story to tell. Click the link to share you #NEISDcares story with us. 

    Gucci Score

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  • NESA senior thrives with blended learning opportunities

    Posted by NEISD Communications on 10/16/2020 10:35:00 AM

    Ashlyn Pipes wasn't sure what to expect when she started her senior year at the North East School of the Arts (NESA). While virtual learning was an adjustment for students and instructors, it's come with some incredibly innovative opportunities. Networking opportunities, engaging virtual classes and clear communication have brought peace of mind to Ashlyn's mother, Monica. 

    "Her acting teacher, Mr. Connelly, has given them opportunities to work with several NESA alumni through Zoom," said Pipes. "NESA dance and musical theater programs have always offered master classes to the students, but it has been wonderful that these opportunities continue to be offered virtually." 

    Blended learning time has given Ashlyn the opportunity to spend one-on-one time virtually with her voice teacher, Mrs. Bryant. The dance program is also offering master classes in dance. Monica says the school year's nontraditional start has been a smooth transition thanks to the incredible educators at NESA. 

    "Even though this year started off with a lot of unknowns and uncertainty, it is shaping into a promising senior year," said Pipes. "We will be forever thankful for the creative and supportive teachers at NESA."

    Big or small, everyone has a story to tell. Click the link to share your #NEISDcares story with us

    NESA senior thrives with blended learning opportunities   NESA senior thrives with blended learning opportunities 2  

    NESA senior thrives with blended learning opportunities 3  NESA senior thrives with blended learning opportunities 4

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  • Olmos teacher repeatedly saves the day for parents

    Posted by NEISD Communications on 10/7/2020 8:20:00 AM

    "In all my years, I have never had a teacher who cares so much, gives so much and refuses to accept anything less than the best for her students," said Bella Lavin Garcia, a very appreciative mother.

    Morgan Nussdorfer doesn't know how to settle for less. It's simply not an option for her or her first-grade students at Olmos Elementary School. Garcia can give many examples of how Nussdorfer has given extra time to help her daughter, Aurora. 

    "Mrs. Nussdorfer has gone above and beyond with our child Aurora," said Garcia. "She has bent over backward, trying to find ways to make sure Aurora is successful. We messaged her early the other day regarding our daughter's struggles. She called us within 10 minutes and had a lengthy discussion and let us know the steps she would take to try and find answers and solutions. She called us back before 9 a.m. with a solid plan of action! When we were feeling defeated, she took the time to make sure we knew she was taking care of it all!" 

    Olmos prides itself on the service and care it shows its community. Service can come in many forms, through big or small gestures. Nussdorfer is known for going the extra mile, whether it's simply returning a parent's phone call or making an extra stop at a lemonade stand. 

    "This same teacher got up early on a Saturday morning to stop by my daughter's lemonade stand," said Garcia. "She has had to text us real-time while also teaching virtually. Seriously, she's a rock star! I'm so grateful for her, so grateful for you all at Olmos, and am so proud to be an Olmos Owl." 

    Thank you, Mrs. Nussdorfer, for showing how #NEISDcares.

    Big or small, everyone has a story to tell. Click the link to share your #NEISDcares story with us

    Olmos teacher repeatedly saves the day for parents

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