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  • NEISD experience translates to PAWsitively Sweet business

    Posted by Lila Stanley on 1/26/2023 8:30:00 AM

    Alexis in Middle School and at her business

    Alexis Quiroga has always been a self-starter. Over the past ten years, she has launched her own business, PAWsitively Sweet Bakery. 

    “I am the founder and Canine Cuisine Chef at PAWsitively Sweet Bakery. I opened the dog bakery in 2013 with a simple concept: to make the best possible dog treats to give them delicious, healthy options. It is the only dog bakery in San Antonio that actually bakes all the biscuits, pastries, and cakes.” 

    Alexis attended Castle Hills Elementary School, Jackson Middle School and Lee High School, where she graduated in 2012. She was involved in many clubs and activities, like PALS, JROTC, basketball, volleyball and theater. She also loved to volunteer. She even received the Volunteer of the Year Award during her senior year. 

    She believes the lessons learned growing up in North East ISD schools helped shape her into a successful business owner. 

    “PALS allowed me the opportunity to become a mentor and it was an amazing personal development time period. Sports helped me develop team building skills that are always useful. In ROTC, I learned leadership skills that are really useful as a business owner.”

    After high school, Alexis attended the International Culinary School at the Art Institute, where she learned about baking human food and then pivoted to perfect baking for dogs. Of course, there’s always a risk when it comes to starting your own business. But Alexis wants to encourage current students to bet on themselves. 

    “Pursue your dreams and passion rather than taking a “safe route” in a traditional career.” 

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  • Alumni Spotlight: Roosevelt’s Gabriel Morales

    Posted by Lila Stanley on 1/18/2023 12:30:00 PM

    Gabriel holds the NEISD way sign with text

    The few, the proud, the Marines. 

    Roosevelt High School graduate and current U.S. Marine Gabriel Morales recently returned to share his experience with JROTC cadets. 

    “I graduated from Theodore Roosevelt High School and did all four years of JROTC,” said Morales. “I enlisted in my junior year, I graduated in 2020, and two weeks after graduation I shipped off to boot camp.”

    Morales is now a Corporal and a Combat Engineer in the Marines. He says visiting his former battalion was a refresher and he enjoyed the chance to see the instructors who helped guide him through his high school career. He also took some time to share his military experience with current students who may be considering following in his footsteps. 

    “I enjoy it. It’s fun. You actually have your own family out there and you enjoy what you do. For example, right now my home is in Arizona, where I am stationed. I miss those guys as much as I miss my family. You have that family that you build.” 

    Big or small, we all have a story to tell. If you're a NEISD alumni, we want to hear yours.

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  • From student to teacher, Christi Eanes reflects on the NEISD cycle of success

    Posted by Lila Stanley on 1/12/2023 11:00:00 AM

    Photos of Christi smiling and with family with text

    As a North East ISD student, Christi Eanes learned from the best. Today, she's carrying on the tradition of inspiring the next generation of students as a teacher dedicated to practicing the very craft she teaches. 

    Christi has been the Director of Theatre at Lopez Middle School since it opened in 2007. She previously taught at Bush Middle School and Churchill High School. Her love for theater runs deep. She can trace her passion for it back to her days at Wood Middle School and Madison High School, where she graduated in 1988. 

    She'll never forget Mike Morris and Susan Hedger – two teachers she considers life-changing mentors. 

    "Theatre Director Mike Morris and Speech team coach Susan Hedger both inspired me to be a theatre teacher," said Christi. "They are the reason for my 26-year career as a theater educator. Some of my favorite memories of Mike Morris are seeing him on stage in various productions in San Antonio. Seeing my teacher acting on stage was inspiring. Now I get to do the same for my students. Traveling to speech tournaments with Susan all over Texas was so much fun and a great learning opportunity throughout high school."

    With a fire passionately lit for theatre and education, Christi attended Southwest Texas State University to earn her degree in Directing and Theatre Education. She eventually returned home to NEISD to begin her teaching career. It's now a family affair. Her husband, Brian Eanes, is a Churchill High School graduate who teaches and coaches the Speech team at Reagan High School. 

    "NEISD Fine Arts is world-class in every way. We both now teach what we loved and were successful at in high school. We were inspired by our directors and were encouraged to use our voices to express ourselves and make the world a better place. We now encourage our students in the same way through theatre and speech communication. As beginning teachers, we learned from the best mentors, and now we run our own successful programs - the NEISD cycle of success."

    Christi has spent her entire teaching career at NEISD and is an active member of Classic Theatre San Antonio, where she hones her craft and inspires her students. 

    "Performing on stage with a professional company makes me a better theatre teacher. My students and their parents have seen me perform on stage - the most rewarding moments as an actor and teacher." 

    Big or small, we all have a story to tell. If you're a NEISD alumni, we want to hear yours.

    Visit neisd.net/tellyourstory to tell us about it.

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