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  • Be a pal!

    Posted by Rachel Albrecht on 9/13/2019 2:44:00 PM

    Being a PAL has meant so much to me. It has taught me how to empathize and listen to others, and showed me how to work together with a team. PALS reinforced my love for pouring into, and talking with students that eventually led me to become an intern with the student ministry at my church in college, a high school social studies teacher, and now a PALS Sponsor at Reagan! The tools that we were equipped with throughout the multitude of trainings we received I still put in practice to this day in my classroom and when serving along my PALS.

    I joined PALS to make a difference in the lives of others, but I never foresaw how much my PALees would make a difference in my life. Two years ago, I received a message on a social media account from a random girl. As I read the message, I realized the message was a former PALee. She had kept the note that I had written her on our very last visit and found me on social media five years later to tell me the impact that I had on her life. Her letter brought me to tears. Every week when I went to visit this particular PALee, I felt like I was never breaking through to her and began to feel overwhelmingly frustrated. However, I realized that I was making PALS about me when really my job as her PAL was not to attempt to solve or fix anything that she was going through, but simply to love her where she was at instead. The message from my PALEE reminded me that the path I was on to become a teacher was the right one for me. Now instead of only getting to love on a few PALees, I get to love on the hundreds of students that enter my room each day.

    My experience as a PAL shaped me into a better person, taught me to live my life with integrity, and has given me a heart to serve and love others. I am forever grateful for my time as a PAL! ONCE A PAL, ALWAYS A PAL!


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  • A Return to Roosevelt!

    Posted by Terri Chidgey on 9/12/2019 9:30:00 AM

    One of my Roosevelt alumni friends is living in a facility called The Abode. It was recently featured on NPR and is a National Non-Profit living facility. This particular one is a house in the MacArthur attendance area. The Abode takes in dying people who are alone with no family or finances. Jack Hall is that person. He has stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. Some of my Roosevelt friends along with my husband and myself, have reconnected with him and take him to lunch, check on him, etc. At one of our lunches, he mentioned that he had heard that Roosevelt had really changed and he would love to see it. We planned a “field trip” on our next luncheon to our old houses and his former schools. He attended Wilshire, Krueger and Roosevelt.

    Jack, our mutual friend Sandy and I set off on our trip. When we got to Roosevelt, they could not believe the transformation from our previous “prison looking” school to the beautiful building it is today. Jack was so caught up in the change, he wondered if there was any way we could go in. It seemed odd and HOT, but off we went. I warned that we probably could only get as far as the front office, but both friends were eager to go in. We were prepared to leave after checking in at the front office when I bumped into Thomas Brooks, one of the assistant principals. He was cheerful, warm and best of all, after hearing why we were there, insisted on taking us to see the auditorium and trophy case where Jack was sure he could find one of his pictures (he did not). Mr. Brooks was patient and informative and honestly made an enormous impact on both of my friends. Mr. Brooks took time out of his busy day and made a huge difference in a dying man’s life.

    Roosevelt Tour

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  • Librarian discovers her passion at NEISD

    Posted by Sonja Morris on 8/21/2019 1:18:00 PM

    I grew up in NEISD, attending Woodstone, Wood, and Madison. At Madison, I participated in an Elementary Teacher Assistant program and found my calling. I graduated UTSA with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies. Shortly after, I married my husband Chris, a Marine Corp veteran. We have two sons, Logan and Carter who attend Bulverde Creek. I also have a stepdaughter who is a Junior at MacArthur. After being inspired by several fantastic NEISD librarians, I decided to pursue my Masters in Library Science from the University of North Texas and graduated in 2018. I’ve taught at Olmos, Tuscany Heights, and now am the librarian at Bulverde Creek.

    I am super excited to start year 13 because I love igniting a passion for reading and learning, and now I get to impact the entire school each year! I love seeing all the smiling faces each day I come to work. I look forward to not only growing students academically but also socially and emotionally as well.


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