• Welcome to Mrs. Martinez' Fine Arts Class

    This art class is designed to emphasize the following areas: creativity, problem solving, technical skill, design, composition, conceptual thinking, aesthetics, art history, presentation, safety, and visual culture.  My goal as an educator is to provide you with a safe environment that will allow you to grow as a student and as an artist.  My hope is that of you will find an appreciation for art and embark on a journey of self-respect, growth, tolerance, and academic success. 

    Champs Expectations: 

    Conversation:  Entering the art studio - Level 0. No Talking
          Music Off: Level 0. No talking. 
      Music On:  Level 1. Whisper

    Help: Raise your hand and remain seated patiently until the teacher can assist you. 


    Activity:  Bring your sketchbook/ pencil/ portfolio to assigned seat as quickly as possible.
    Use your entire time to complete warm-Up assignements. 


    Movement:  You may move as necessary to gather all materials needed for your warm-up assignments and projects.  No student is permitted to leave the classroom for the first 10 minutes or last 10 minutes of class. 


    Participation:  Do your best work. Give 100% effort every day. 


    Success:  Be Ready. Be Responsible. Be Respectful


    Art Classroom Rules: 

    1.  Be respectufl of yourself, others, and our classroom (this includes all classroom materials).
    2.  Be prepared to work an learn.
    3.  Be safe. 
    4.  Clean up spills and messes as soon as they occur. 
    5.  No Food and No Drinks Allowed
    6.  Be Creative. 


    Classroom Environment: 

    Keep in mind that our classroom is a place where ALL opinions are respected and heard, even if you do not agree with them.  Remember that all school policies apply in this classroom as well as elsewhere in the building.