Bulk Mail

  • Bulk Mail is considered mail that contains the same printed information and is being delivered to multiple addresses. Any mail that contains individualized information does not qualify for the bulk rate. There is a minimum of 200 pieces of mail to qualify for the bulk rates. Mail that falls below the 200 minimum pieces will be processed at current first class rates. This Bulk Mail Flow Chart (pdf) will help you determine if your mail qualifies.

    Remember to mail early:
    It may take up to five-seven (5-7) business days for the U.S. Post Office to deliver bulk mail. The Post Office does not consider Saturday, Sunday or holidays as working days. Please keep this in mind if your material is time sensitive.

    Bulk Mail Procedures:
    Please keep mail starting with zip code 782 together. Please separate all other zip codes. (Sort by using only the first three digits i.e.782, 780, 781.) Mail Services needs time to process bulk mail. The Post Office will not accept bulk rate mail that has not been properly processed. Please keep in mind that numerous schools and departments deliver mail to our department daily.

    Envelope flaps must be sealed or in the down position, only. Do not insert unsealed flaps into the envelope.

    North East Independent School District must appear in the return address as the first line and OR CURRENT RESIDENT must appear in the mailing address just like the sample postcard below.

    Envelope showing bulk mail procedures