• These are our expectations for all first graders. We know the children are still learning how to manage their own behavior, and we expect minor violations from time to time. The support and encouragement you provide at home is greatly appreciated. Please remember to sign your child’s Responsibility Folder at the end of the week, and review it with him/her daily. Be sure your child returns the folder to school every day so that it can be used as our Take Home Folder as well.  Together I know that we will have a successful and fun year!

    In First Grade I will:

    1. Listen Attentively.
    2. Use my time wisely.
    3. Follow directions.
    4. Stay on task.
    5. Respect others.
    6. Accept responsibility for my actions.
    7. Exercise self-control.
    8. Control my talking.
    9. Use good manners.

    If I choose to Break the Rules:

    1. Verbal warning.
    2. Sign chart.
    3. Sign chart, time away from activity: 5 minutes.
    4. Sign chart, time away from activity: 10 minutes.
    5. Send student to office.

    **A severe disruption will result in an immediate trip to the office.

    Some Rewards that I May Get For Following the Rules:

    1. Verbal praise.
    2. Stickers.
    3. Stamps.
    4. Prize Box