• About Research & Planning

    The mission of this department is to promote student learning in North East by providing timely and pertinent information that supports improvement initiatives for the district's schools and departments.

Research & Planning Staff Directory

Dr. Joselyn De La Cruz - Rameau ___________________________________________ Bachelors in Mgmt Info.Systems; Masters of Information Systems/Mgmt; Doctorate of Education/Ed. Technology __________________________________________ Data Science for Business Certificate - Harvard Business Online
___________________________________________ Director
Department: Research & Planning
Office: 210-407-0427
Amanda Roberts-Reyes
Administrative Assistant to Director
Department: Research & Planning
Office: 210-407-0427

Contact Information

Address: 8961 Tesoro Dr
San Antonio, TX 78217
Phone:(210) 407-0562
Fax:(210) 804-7098

  • Responsibilities:

    • Allocate Campus Staffing
    • All campus personnel/programs
    • Portable Allocations
    • Conduct Ad Hoc Research Studies
    • Conduct Program Evaluations
    • Districtwide Assessment on an ongoing basis
    • Coordinate Improvement Initiatives
    • Conduct Boundary Investigations
  • Goals:

    • To prepare reports and studies to assist in evaluating the effectiveness of the district's schools, departments, programs, plans, and other indicators of productivity
    • To obtain, analyze, and disseminate information in a timely manner in order to stimulate conversation among district personnel
    • To apply research and district studies to support performance
    • To increase district responsiveness to campus and department needs
    • To provide assistance in policy development and implementation to support all aspects of district organization and improvement
    • To monitor campus and district progress in the Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR)