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Elementary students learn to serve others

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NEISD program helps students transition into life after high school

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Police chief discusses new NEISD Tip Line

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Adults from across the world learn English in NEISD program

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Students aim for dental careers through NEISD program

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Students venture outdoors in high school class

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Parents thankful for support from NEISD community

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Student leaders on campus help others

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NEISD student forms non-profit to spread hope

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Beloved coach inspires students to give back

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Teacher empowers students to speak their minds

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Volunteer-run food pantry keeps students nourished

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Elementary students build robotic Legos

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NEISD golf team learn life lessons

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NEISD bus driver reaches 50-year milestone

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Little treasures leave big smiles at school

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Program in NEISD welcomes incoming military kids and more

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Young chefs learn healthy habits

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  • NEISD Spanish language GED classes opens doors for students

    Posted by Ashley Speller on 1/22/2020

    In Ms. Altamirano’s classroom, a group of adults tell each other all about their dreams.

    They’re all students on their way to earning their GED and for many, this is a dream come true.

    Mother of three Alicia Perez has been taking the GED classes in Spanish at Steubing Ranch Elementary since October of 2019.

    As a child, she was unable to attend any formal schooling.

    “I was born in Mexico in Guanajuato City and I had a lot of limitations because I did not have access to any education. I could not prepare myself to study in the career I wanted, which was medicine, and that’s why I could not make my dream a reality at that time,” Perez said.

    Now, she and her classmates are working hard to achieve their goals with the help from their teacher who creates a welcoming and safe environment for the students learn and grow.

    Perez said she likes her teacher because she is patient and nice.

    Everyone is welcomed to enroll in classes, according to Steubing Ranch Family Specialist Ana Bernal.

    Bernal has been with NEISD for 18 years and previously taught at Colonial Hills Elementary and Roan Forest Elementary as a bilingual dual-language teacher.

    “We have some students from Peru, from Colombia, and from Mexico. We also have two custodians from North East ISD. One is from our school, Steubing Ranch and another from Stone Oak, that are working on their GED just to educate and better themselves,” she said.

    Bernal said there are no prerequisites and no educational background requirements for students interested in the GED program.

    Students can learn at their own pace and take the tests when they are ready, whether it takes a few months or a few years.

    The best part is that classes are free!

    “They are coming to build relationships with our teachers and with our community. They are excited and want to learn more,” Bernal added.

    The classes are offered at many NEISD campuses, in both English and Spanish.

    Registration, orientation, and testing are held at the Ferrari Learning Center.

    Student Alicia Perez said she can’t wait to see where her GED will take her and encourages others to learn.

    “There is no age limit to learn; we still are learning all the time and there is so much to learn. It doesn’t matter what age you are,” she said.

    To learn more about the High School Equivalency Preparation Classes in English, click here: https://www.neisd.net/Page/936

    To learn more about the High School Equivalency Preparation Classes in Spanish, click here: https://www.neisd.net/Page/11183

    Discover the NEISD way, where our educators inspire life-long learning.

    Ashley Speller


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