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NEISD Board approves minor changes to 2020-2021 calendar

In an effort to give students more educational time in the classroom, and with respect to teachers and families who have already planned their schedules, the North East ISD Board of Trustees has approved minor changes to the 2020-2021 academic calendar.

  • The first day of school will still be Aug. 17 as previously approved. All major holidays will also remain the same.
  • Three days originally scheduled as student holidays and professional development days for teachers will now be early release instructional days for students. These dates are Oct. 12, Jan. 4 and May 28.
  • Additionally, since Fiesta San Antonio is scheduled for November this year, the board added Nov. 13 as a student and staff holiday.
  • Feb. 15 has also been added as an instructional day.

The early release days allow students to have classroom instructional time, while still giving teachers the opportunity to pursue professional development in the afternoon.

Additionally, by adopting this amended calendar, the District will have the opportunity to collect additional state funding for students who are enrolled in grades K-5 and attend school beyond 180 school days to support summer or Saturday school.

These changes were brought to the District Educational Improvement Council (DEIC) for their input before being brought to the board for a vote. This committee is comprised of campus-based professional staff, District-level professional staff, parents, business leaders and community members. 

“Making a huge change to the academic calendar without seeking input from our community is not something we have ever been prepared to do,” said Dr. Sean Maika, Superintendent of Schools. “We have a very robust process for approving a calendar, and we remain committed to that.”

Click here to access the revised 2020-2021 school calendar.

Posted by Kristina Perez
June 9, 2020