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PALS Breakdown Barriers

Posted by Evan Henson on 9/22/2022

Students working togetherJackson Middle School PALS got a chance to teach and learn recently.

PALS stands for Peer Assistance Leadership and Service.

After training for six weeks, the PALS partnered up with refugee students to help them complete a social studies lesson.


“I wanted to see how my PALS can communicate with a student that may not understand or speak the same language and figure out how to get through that barrier,” said PALS Teacher Melissa Beam. “I wanted to give the refugee students a chance to practice communicating with the PALS as well. A goal of the PALS is to be visible and accessible to all students and we wanted to make sure that the Refugee students knew who the PALS were and that they can go to them if they need anything.  We want to make sure that all students feel included and have someone to go to.”


It was an innovative lesson that really helped students on both sides learn something new and feel important #theNEISDway