• 2022-2023 Impact Report


  • During the month of April, students enjoyed using creative building sets on Thursday mornings. Students had free choice in which set they chose and were able to use their imagination to create an image or building, or they could choose from sets of cards with images and directions.
  • Games before school - Students can choose from a wide variety of games to play with their peers in the morning before school. Games are self-selected, though the most popular being Chess and Jenga.
  • Two areas of the library are designated for collaborative puzzles. One area is a sticker puzzle, and the other is a puzzle themed to school spirit or monthly events/holidays. Puzzles help to create a sense of community and encourage students to work together.
Students engaging in games before school.
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Reading to students for Women's History Month.


  • At the beginning of March, students were working on Informational texts in RLA. Using the lesson in poetry at the New Librarian meeting, I worked with Reading Resource students on an appropriate reading level text and students creating a found poem from it.
  • At the beginning of March, I worked with students in ALE by introducing Women’s History Month. Students were learning about important women who did notable things. Together, we read about Malala, and students noted that education was important.
  • This school year, the math teachers sought my help to create a website with links to reliable resources for students to use in research-focused and specific subject matter rather than a typical search of library resources. This lesson brought together research and math skills by looking at research beyond looking at articles.

Lesson Spotlight



  • I worked with the Academic Dean in learning targets across the curriculum and how they apply to various subjects. Teachers use learning targets to help guide lessons and keep students on track with their daily learning. This is in order to best gauge what learning strategies students need as a whole or for differentiated instruction.
  • I work with the Academic Dean, SPED Coordinator, TELPAS Testing Counselor to review post-testing data (interim, benchmark, MAP). This data is used by administrators and teachers to help guide future lessons and target areas students may need further support in.
  • I worked with the Reading Resource teacher to decide on best reading passage for students in a sheltered reading class. Choices were based on past readings, current area of study, and accessible text to best meet the needs of students.
  • This spring, I met with our ITS to review campus PD and collaborate about creating a database for a Math teacher seeking to create an end-of-year research project. Together we looked at our database of collected lessons and lesson templates to help provide the best support and information for the particular lesson.

Collaboration Spotlight

I am most proud of my collaborations with our Academic Dean and SPED Coordinator. Through our work together I have been able to attend meetings that focus on campus-wide initiatives. Because my background is ELAR, I am unfamiliar with target areas in which they hope to see students supported and improve. In these collaborations and meetings, I am to take the information and find lessons and strategies to help support teachers. Most recently, we reviewed data from district testing to identify areas students still struggle in. From there I was able to suggest Library resources that teachers could use on demand in their classes. When considering outcomes, we will review the next set of data to track student growth and improvement.


Artwork from displayed in the Library from art classes.

Campus Leader

  • Campus testing Coordinator - In this role, I was required to hold trainings, run meetings, and communicate with other campus leaders. To ensure teachers remain in compliance with TEA testing regulations, I provide materials to guide them before, during, and after testing.
  • Volunteer with our Family Specialist - I participated in Jackson’s Community Night by volunteering my time and Library for games and crafts. I assisted in ensuring student attendees received their Free Dress tickets. Additionally, our Family Specialist and I plan to meet to discuss ways the library can support the Campus Improvement Plan. We seek to work together on community family meeting nights in areas where the Library can play a vital role and make known what is available to families digit
  • In the spring semester I created new social media accounts for Twitter and Instagram and posted about our library. Our Twitter handle is @JacksonJagLib. Our Instagram handle is @jackson_mslibrary. I am excited to connect with students, staff, parents, and local libraries to create a sense of community.
  • I maintain regular communication with the Family Specialist, PTA volunteers, and administration to remain up-to-date about events the Library can support or play a role in. Through this, I am also informed about what different areas of the curriculum are focused in so I may provide resources to teachers and staff.
Conducting a meeting regarding upcoming testing and reviewing security standards.