• 2021/2022 Impact Report


  • Makerspace activities were integrated during library lessons. The Nimitz Library hosted themed makerspace activities during the month of December and in April. Classes visited the library and rotated through various stations that encouraged them to work collaboratively and problem solve.
  • The library promoted a fall and spring reading challenge. Students were encouraged to read at least 6 novels in 6 weeks in the fall and again in the spring. Prizes were awarded to students who completed the challenge. The library also held a Spooky Story Writing Contest in October. Prizes were given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.
  • The Nimitz Library offered programming before school and during lunch periods Monday through Friday. Students have the opportunity to visit their library each day during breakfast and lunch periods for a variety of fun activities to include board games, origami, crafts, and makerspace activities.
  • The library co-hosted a parent book club with the Family Specialist. Meetings took place via zoom and occurred bi-weekly. Student book clubs were also offered during lunch periods. Students received a special Lunch Bunch pass to visit the library and have lunch with the librarian on Tuesdays.
  • The Nimitz Library hosted author James Ponti in April. Ponti is the author of multiple middle school series including City Spies and Dead City. All students in grades 6th through 8th were invited to attend. The Librarian shared author interviews and book trailers from the TeachingBooks database in preparation for his visit.
Poetry Stations in the Library
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  • 6th-grade Renewable Energy Resources-The 6th-grade Science classes visited the library for research on energy sources. Students were required to choose one renewable and one nonrenewable energy source and determine which of the two is more beneficial. They had the option to create a paper brochure or a Google slide presentation of their research.
  • 6th STEM Citations-The 6th grade Science STEM classes visited the library to learn how to properly cite their sources in preparation for an upcoming research unit. Students learned how to cite books, articles from NEISD databases and websites.
  • 6th-grade Text Structures lesson extension-ELAR classes explored various examples of nonfiction text in the library. Emphasis was placed on text structures. Students collaborated in groups to discuss how the author organized the information and how it helps the reader understand the text better.
  • 7th grade Holocaust Unit-The 7th grade ELAR classes visited the library for a Holocaust presentation. The teachers and librarian shared Holocaust survival stories and shared a presentation about the causes and effects of the Holocaust.
  • 6th-grade Argumentative Text-Using the Proquest Sirs Issues Researcher, students explored the topic, “Should Animals be Kept in Zoos and Aquariums?” After reviewing articles from viewpoints 1 and 2, they took a stance and shared their opinion using a Tug of War Template on Jamboard.

Showcasing the NEISD Databases for a Biomimicry Research Project.

Lesson Spotlight



  • Dia de Los Muertos Presentation with mentor Sharon Pollock-The Garner and Nimitz Librarians worked together to create a presentation on the holiday, The Day of the Dead/Dia de Los Muertos. Students interacted with a Nearpod presentation that highlighted the cultural symbols and traditions associated with Dia de Los Muertos. Students left with a clear understanding of the cultural differences between Dia de los Muertos and Halloween.
  • ELAR short stories using “Thin slides” -The 6th-grade ELAR classes listened to short stories from Xavier Garza’s book, “Creepy Creatures and Other Cucuys.” They created a “thin slide,” one picture and one word that represented the character’s conflict in the story. Students were given the opportunity to present their slides to their classmates
  • Travel brochures with Newcomer reading classes. Students created a travel brochure that advertised their home country. Students explored Britannica, ABC-CLIO World Geography, and Gale Middle School as their primary sources of information. The brochure included local geographical facts, cuisine, local festivals, and attractions.
  • Poetry Stations-ELAR 6th and 7th grades visited the library for poetry stations. The stations introduced students to various types of poetry such as cinquain, concrete, diamanté, haiku, and acrostic poetry. Students had the opportunity to write their own poems and have their work displayed on the poetry wall outside the library.
  • Mental Illness Research Project-The Nimitz librarian created a mental illness research project that involved the Health Teacher, Mr. Cortinas, and ITS, Mr. Carrillo. Students used NEISD databases as the primary source of information for their research. They created an infographic using Canva with the help of Mr. Carrillo in hopes of spreading awareness of the mental illness.

Collaboration Spotlight

The Nimitz Library is most proud of the ELAR 8th-grade Biography Research Project. This project consisted of several mini-lessons the librarian co-taught with ELAR teachers, Mrs. Niehoff and Mr. Dolberry. The objective of this project was for students to engage in research on a famous person. They then had to evaluate the information they gathered and evaluate the credibility of their biographical subject. Students wrote a persuasive essay detailing their findings and their opinion of their chosen person. This project was a process that took place over several days. During this time,the librarian had the opportunity to teach students effective note-taking strategies, how to evaluate resources, and how to cite their sources. In addition, the librarian played a role in guiding students on how to organize and write their persuasive essays.


Collaborating with students in preparation of the Shark Tank PBL.

Campus Leader

  • The Nimitz Librarian trained ELAR teachers and the reading specialist during their PLC morning meeting on the Teachingbooks database. Teachers learned how to best utilize the database and brainstormed ways to implement it in their lesson plans.
  • Parent Book Club-The librarian initiated a parent book club with the family specialist, Mrs. Fernandez. It was promoted through social media and Blackboard. Per parent request, the meetings occurred bi-weekly on Zoom. The book featured was, “I am Not Your Mexican Daughter.” The club averaged 15 parents per session and received positive feedback during discussions.
  • Posted Monthly Infographic detailing Nimitz Library statistics The Nimitz Librarian shared a snapshot of library data for each month on Twitter. The information included circulation statistics, classes, visitors, lessons, and activities.
  • Newcomer Literacy Night w/ parent liaison Sandra Fernandez-The family specialist, Mrs. Fernandez, and the librarian planned a fun-filled evening with the campus newcomer families. The event included a read-aloud of the book, Too Many Tamales by Gary Soto, followed by a tamale corn husk doll craft. Parents also learned about the fantastic digital resources offered by NEISD and how to access SORA and link student accounts to the San Antonio Public Library.
  • Region 20 Library Round-Up-Librarian attended the Region 20 Library Round-Up in September 2021 via Zoom. The event featured author Duncan Tonatiuh. Sessions included suggestions for technology integration as well ideas for library programming.
Ready to discuss SORA and the SAPL at our Greenback Night.
Newcomer Literacy Night