Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Newton

Mr. Newton leads the Math Acceleration classes. Math Acceleration is open to students of all grades and is specifically focused on teaching those students who failed the Math STAAR. When COVID-19 arrived, education did not escape unchanged. Students found themselves caught in a very different and changing learning environment. An extended spring break, then some new thing called Zoom, and then Google Classroom, and partial return dates, and on and on it such a changing environment, learning anything proved difficult. Learning math proved especially difficult. 

Math Acceleration strives to offer students the opportunity to receive additional support in math strategies and skills. It also seeks to empower students so that when they are in their primary math classroom, they are back on grade level and able to feel confident in their math knowledge. An additional goal of Math Acceleration is to see every student pass the math STAAR assessment in the spring!

  • Math Acceleration is available to students in 6th, 7th and 8th grades.

    Monday: Quick Review and Reset for Math; New Instruction and Classwork with one-one instruction and peer-peer

    Tuesday: Students logon to the i-Ready learning platform and complete assigned lessons

    Wednesday: Strengthening Skills introduced on Monday, Practice, Discuss

    Thursday: i-Ready - the goal is to pass three lessons each week

    Friday: Stations, i-Ready, and Check for Understanding (TEST!!)