• Kids' Involvement Network

    The Kids' Involvement Network (KIN) provides afterschool enrichment activities and supervision for elementary and middle school students in a way that will improve their attitudes, grades, and behavior so they will be positive members of the school and community.


  • KIN begins as soon as school dismisses. The schedule consists of a healthy snack, socialization, and recreational activities such as recess, group sports, and health and wellness programming. Homework time is a main focus of our programs and is structured to assist students in a way that will benefit all learning styles. Enrichment activities are conducted every day to enhance learning. KIN closes at 6:30 p.m. at every site.

    2:30-2:45 Arrival/Attendance/Announcements
    2:45-3:45 Snacks/Naps/Socialization
    3:45-4:30 Homework/Reading
    4:30-5:00 Academic Enrichment
    5:00-5:45 Centers/Clubs/Recreation
    5:45-6:30 Centers/Clean Up

DO NOT DELETE (SHARED ON CAMPUSES): KIN Annual Participation Fee Programs

  • Please complete a 2022-2023 Application and Eligibility of Services form if your child is attending one of the following schools:

    • Camelot E.S.
    • Clear Spring E.S.
    • Colonial Hills E.S.
    • Dellview E.S.
    • E. Terrell Hills E.S.
    • Garner M.S.
    • Jackson M.S.
    • Krueger M.S.
    • Larkspur E.S.
    • Montgomery E.S.
    • Nimitz M.S.
    • Olmos E.S.
    • Ridgeview E.S.
    • Serna E.S.
    • Walzem E.S.
    • White M.S.
    • Wilshire E.S.
    • Wood M.S.