• Peer Assistance Leadership and Service (PALS) is a program for middle school and high school students providing effective training in "resiliency" strategies. The PALS peer helping program combats problems such as violence in schools, drug abuse, teen pregnancy, bullying and school dropouts by providing a critical line of defense through PALS mentoring younger peers in their district cluster schools.

  • The PALS Mission

    The North East Independent School District PALS program is committed to providing students with trained peer helpers. There are no officers in PALS, as every member is considered to be a leader. The members of the PALS program promote healthy decision-making and strive to be positive role models in the community. PALS are committed to being a positive influence in their interactions with others. PALS promote tolerance, non-violence, and a drug, alcohol, and tobacco-free lifestyle. PALS represent the NEISD community with honesty, integrity, and pride.