• 2022/2023 Impact Report


  • International Dot Day - Students celebrated International Dot Day during the week of September 12-16. International Dot Day is when we celebrate our creativity and that of our friends. Students created pictures out of their own dots
  • Guest author, Bridget Heos, visited our campus in November. Students in grades 2-5 learned about the writing and printing process by listening to Bridget Heos’ books, Mustache Baby and Stegothesaurus.
  • Students were encouraged to participate in a Fall Break Reading Challenge that had students explore various digital library resources and turn in their record sheets for prizes.
  • Read Across America Week - Read Across America is a program that focuses on motivating students to read through events and reading resources. Students at Roan Forest celebrated reading by participating in dress-up days during the week of March 6-10.
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  • The librarian collaborated with 2nd-grade teachers to introduce seasonal weather. Students watched a BrainPOP video about seasons, drew pictures of clothing choices for each season, wrote about which season was their favorite, and described each season.
  • As part of a STEAM lesson, students were tasked with building a hideout for their turkey. Students could observe, ask questions, and gather information about creating a perfect hideaway. They used various materials to build their shelter so the turkey wouldn't get eaten for Thanksgiving.
  • As part of a second grade Biography Unit, the librarian showed the students how to log on to PebbleGo using a QR code. Students then looked up a famous inventor and took notes about their life and inventions. The students' final products were created in their classrooms.
  • As part of the Campus Improvement Plan, the librarian taught Digital Citizenship lessons to each grade level during the fall and spring semesters. Digital Citizenship lessons teach students how to make safe, smart, and ethical decisions in the digital world.

Lesson Spotlight

A Mystery Lesson was presented to 3rd grade students to support inferencing TEKS. Students worked in groups to see and hear the evidence that a library had been broken into and books damaged. Students then had to combine their background knowledge with what they were viewing to resolve what happened in the library overnight. The use of logic and reasoning is a life-long need. This exercise helps introduce students to deductive reasoning, one form of logical reasoning. The Mystery Lesson was an exercise in taking a given set of multiple clues/facts/data and then deducing other facts (the cause) by reasoning logically. The students were introduced to reasoning, the basis of all investigative methods, including the scientific method.



  • The librarian collaborated with the Family Specialist to gather and distribute books to the McKinney-Vento students on our campus. We also collected non-perishable food items and put together snack bags that students took home each Friday afternoon.
  • The librarian collaborated with the ITS about various STEAM activities that can be held in the library. Together we designed student activities using Dash and Dot, Cubelets, and Ozobots.
  • The librarian collaborated with the Targeted Support Teacher and the National Elementary Honor Society for World Read Aloud Day. The NEHS students created videos of themselves reading one of their favorite books to celebrate World Read Aloud Day.
  • The librarian collaborated with the Dyslexia teacher to offer a Literacy Station for Leadership Night. Students were provided reading games and activities to encourage reading at home with their families.

Collaboration Spotlight

A collaboration that I am most proud of is the collaboration with our family specialist. Ms. Garza and I collaborated to start Community Preschool Storytimes for our campus. We created fun activities, read-alouds, games, dances, and crafts. We are targeting families with 2 to 5-year-olds in our community with hopes of enrollment in NEISD. Ms. Garza explained the importance of early literacy, and I showed parents the library's resources. Our preschool storytime attendance has increased by 50% si


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Campus Leader

  • The librarian oversees daily morning announcements. Each grade level presents campus information and upcoming events that are streamed to students and staff over Google Meets.
  • The librarian was selected to be the Spelling Bee Coordinator for the school. This role entails registering for the Spelling Bee, preparing study lists, and setting up and hosting the Spelling Bee for the school.
  • The librarian collaborated with the Dyslexia teacher and Angelique Lackey to provide a Learning Ally training at a faculty meeting. Teachers learned about a great resource to help struggling readers.
  • The librarian is part of the school’s Leadership Team. The team meets weekly to discuss ways to improve teaching and learning and to maintain a cohesive school vision.
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