The NEISD Physical Education & Health Department is excited to share information about an exciting program we are implementing in our elementary school PE classes. As you know, our teachers work hard to do more than teach students to be successful in the classroom - they also strive to teach students to be successful in life. To that end, we have partnered with 2Words Character Development (http://2words.tv), to implement a comprehensive character development curriculum in our PE classes.

    PE is the best place to teach younger students about character.  For one thing, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) has established that social and emotional skills need to be taught in physical education settings.  For another, sports [and games] and character development go hand-in-hand.

    The Gameday curriculum connects character lessons with learning about the world while playing fun and active games. Each Gameday lesson (18 total- one every two weeks)  includes an engaging six to eight minute video, trivia questions to warm up, serious questions to cool down, and a game inspired by different places in the world.

    The program will focus on helping our students connect the dots between their world and your world by looking at topics like:

    • Self Management
    • Social Awareness
    • Relationship Skills
    • Responsible Decision Making
    • Self Awareness

    As a part of this program, parents have access to watch the bi-weekly video and a worksheet which includes:

    • A summary of that week’s curriculum lesson
    • “The Best 5”: 5 Questions that you can discuss at home, or in the car, with your child that will spark conversation around that week’s lesson
    • A link to watch the lesson of the week


  • Parent Registration

    Parents and Guardians can register for their own account.  Parent access allows family members to view curriculum videos and to download the parent workbook pages.  Parents must take the following steps to create an account:

    1.  Visit the link: https://www.2words.tv/parent-registration

    2.  Fill out all required steps

    3.  Select the appropriate District and School

    4.  Enter in Access Code: 2wordsparents