• 2021/2022 Impact Report


  • Literary Pumpkin Patch - a student favorite, this activity has the children designing and decorating pumpkins at home based on their favorite literary character. Students brought their pumpkins to school and they were displayed outside the Library doors in the school’s main hallway during the week before Halloween.
  • STEAM Night - parents and the community were invited to the school for an evening of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. While each grade level focused on a different aspect of STEAM, the library primarily showcased robots including Ozobots, Dash and Dot Robots, Osmos, Spheros, Makey, Makey, and Cubelets.
  • Third Grade Battle of the Books - students in third grade competed in this game show format competition where the students answered questions about six chapter books. The books were chosen because they are engaging, exciting, and interesting. This activity is fun and appealing because classes compete against one another.
  • Guest Author Dan Gemeinhart visited Roan Forest 3rd through 5th graders in November 2021. Mr. Gemeinhart used a multimedia presentation which covered the importance of working hard, not giving up, and kindness to others based on all his books (The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise, Good Dog, Scar Island, The Honest Truth and Some Kind of Courage). He shared a strong anti-bullying message and talked about a growth mindset and developing a love for reading.
  • Guest Storyteller Sue Kuentz visited Roan Forest Pre-K - through 2nd graders in April 2022. A retired teacher and librarian, Ms. Kuentz thrilled the students with exciting fairy tales, folk tales. and personal narratives. Ms. Kuentz invited students to participate in the telling of the stories using props, puppets, and musical instruments. This brought her stories to life and engaged the students completely. Ms. Kuentz has been an emcee, storyteller, workshop presenter, and featured storyteller
Guest author, Dan Gemeinhart, presenting to 3rd through 5th graders.
ebooks books in collection
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First graders learning about Food Chains.


  • Students compared and contrasted two heartwarming texts based on true stories. The Library lesson focused on the little owl that was found in the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree and that was rescued in New York City. The books that were read to the students were, The Rockefeller Owl and Red and Lulu. Students used PebbleGo to learn more about the animals in the stories and watched short news videos to gather additional facts.
  • The Roan Forest librarian taught Digital Citizenship lessons for each grade level, during the Fall and Spring semesters. Students were presented with lessons that taught the students how to make safe, smart, and honest decisions in the digital world.
  • Horsefly and Honeybee. This Library lesson was about pollinators and the spring season. Students used PebbleGo to learn more about bees and pollinators and their importance in the ecosystem. As a culminating activity, students performed an experiment using pipettes, colored water, and paper flowers. They pretended to be bees and pollinated flowers by using the colored water.
  • April is National Poetry Month. Poetry plays an integral part in our culture and in our lives. The Roan Forest librarian taught students poetry lessons regarding the characteristics of poetry to help students identify, understand and write poems of their own. Students explored diamanté poems, lantern poems, Haiku poems, and limericks, as well as alliteration, rhyming words, and similes. Students then created their own rabbit--shaped poems called “Peep Poetry,” with the poems shaped like the popu
  • Second grade Buddy Reading with hand puppets. To encourage reading and fluency, students used hand puppets to practice reading. Puppets are engaging educational tools that can help support oral language skills and communication, social/emotional development, and help children learn and understand the world around them through safe and imaginative play.

First Graders researching Food Chains.

Lesson Spotlight

"Disney’s “The Lion King” © talked about the “circle of life.” The “circle of life” is actually the Food Chains that exist in all habitats in the world. It is the food web which begins with producer organisms and culminates in an apex predator species as well as decomposer species. In this exercise I led students in an exploration of the Food Chain that exists in two different habitats: ponds and grasslands. The primary goal was to instill the critical thinking skills and research components the the students will need to help them understand the world and the interdependent nature of all ecosystems. We began the exercise by examining a picture of a habitat and asking “What do I see?” This is a basic observational skill needed to understand habitats. What is there? Which species exist? Next, we moved to “I think” words and concepts to begin to draw some basic conclusions regarding the habitat.



  • The Roan Forest librarian collaborated with Jennifer Oldham. Sherry Philippus, and Angie Oliverson, three NEISD elementary school librarians. They met via Teams and Zoom throughout the year, and collaborated to create lessons and lesson plans for special activities held in the library.
  • The Roan Forest librarian collaborated with the Counselor and Therapy Dog handler to schedule students to visit with the therapy dog. Ms. Duncan, the therapy dog handler and her therapy dog, Melissa, a white poodle, taught lessons about kindness, including others, and being calm and patient. The librarian provided books that supported the PAWS handler with her lessons.
  • The Roan Forest Librarian collaborated with the second grade teachers on their research unit about animals. The librarian taught students about researching on PebbleGo, how to document resources, and how to choose books that were right for their project. The students completed the project in their individual classrooms.
  • Our Elementary Librarian Professional Learning Community group met monthly to discuss various library topics, ideas, lessons, and STEAM projects. We met to exchange and compare notes about what was working within our various library programs. One great collaboration idea was to have 4th grade student library helpers. These helpers would shelve books, help students locate books, and help students check-out and check-in books
  • The Roan Forest librarian collaborated with the campus Instructional Technology Service technician to design a physics-themed STEAM week in the library where the principles of Force and Motion were explored. Each Grade level signed up for 45 minute periods and rotated through various stations. Force and Motion principles were explored using a Marble Run, Ozobot robots, Cubelet robots, and Legos cars and ramps. Additionally, the students programmed Sphero robots to run up and over a ramp. Student

Collaboration Spotlight

To me, collaboration is at the heart of what I do as a librarian. I find it very rewarding to collaborate with my colleagues and to show my students how cooperation and coordination can increase our effectiveness in the community and the world. One of the most rewarding collaborations I experienced this year was when our Family Specialist Ms. Garza and I collaborated on a Community Storytime with children who were not enrolled at Roan Forest but would be enrolling in the future. Our goal was to involve families in our community and expose them to literature and hands-on enrichment activities and give them a glimpse into school life. Together, Ms. Garza and I created fliers which advertised the Community Storytime. Then, we distributed them among the community surrounding Roan Forest by taking them to apartment complexes, public library locations and some fast-food restaurants. We also included advertisements in the weekly Roan Forest newsletter.


Community Storytime with families with young children.

Campus Leader

  • As part of the Leadership Team, the Roan Forest Librarian met weekly with the Campus Improvement Committee and the Grade Level Chair committee. The Leadership Team met to discuss weekly school activities and various school-related issues. In addition to the weekly Leadership Team meetings, the librarian also met monthly with the CIC and GLC committee to help improve the educational performance of students and support broader school district goals.
  • The Roan Forest librarian created a weekly campus newsletter which included sections from the Principal, the School Counselor, the Family Specialist, the Nurse, and the PTA. The newsletter also highlighted upcoming campus events and included a section for the library. The library section included weekly spotlights of upcoming library events and exciting future activities in the library.
  • The Roan Forest librarian is responsible for coordinating Morning Announcements each day. The librarian recruits the teams of students that present the morning announcements to the school and also provides them with a basic script for all aspects of the morning announcements which they are allowed to edit with the librarian's approval. The Morning Announcements allow us to set the tone for the school day.
  • The Roan Forest librarian attended 34 hours of monthly Library Professional Development meetings with the District Elementary Librarians. These meetings were organized to communicate practical teaching and librarian tips. Librarians also received inspiration and ideas from fellow librarians as a result of this collaboration. Another very helpful activity were the Eduprotocols as well as the book sharing between librarians.
  • The Roan Forest librarian was also part of the Pre-K Professional Learning Community. The purpose of the Pre-K PLC meetings was to meet as a team to discuss the results of many types of classroom assessments. The participants examined how the team could meet or exceed the Student Learning Objective goal. The main SLO Goal was for the students to produce at least 20 distinct letter sound correspondences in the language of instruction.
Elementary librarian PLC group.
Roan Forest students reading with therapy dog.