AirTame project and connect wirelessly
  • What is Airtame: Untether Yourself!

    Airtame is a device that is connected to your new projector which allows ANY device connected to the NEISD WiFi to be projected. This means that you NO LONGER are inhibited by wires. You are free to move about the room; teaching in the PowerZone and interacting with your students. 

    Ready to get started?
    Once Airtame device is installed, you will see a new display screen when turning on your projector. This screen will have the connection information for your classroom's Airtame. If you do not see the new screen, try toggling the remote input to HDMI1/Airtame.

    To get started projecting, check out the quick start guides below. Also, be on the lookout for trainings from your ITS!

Click the Device below for Connection Instructions