• I Love Math

    Eagle Hour is an opportunity for every student to experience enrichment and explore interest and develop life skills with their peers and teachers.

    It is also a time for interventions in Math and Reading. So when needed students will be pulled by me or their reading teacher for that extra support.


    Classroom Expectations

    1.      Be Prepared

    Come to class with a pencil and ready to learn every day.

     2.     Be Respectful

    Respect yourself and others. Respect our class time and materials.

    3..     Be Responsible 

    Start working on Entrance Ticket so that class can get started. Work hard and do your best. Ask for any help.


  • Yearly Overview

    Fall Semester

    • Unit 1 : Integer Operations and Graphing
    • Unit 2: Operational Fluency
    • Unit 3: Proportional Reasoning
    • Unit 4: Multiple Representations



    • Unit 5: Algebra
    • Unit 6: Geometry
    • Unit 7: Statistics
    • Unit 8: Finance
    • Unit 9: STAAR Review & Test
    • Unit 10: Acceleration: Rational Numbers/Probability

    Grading Scale