• Visual Art Audition Requirements


    Please send all application correspondence to Visual Art Director, Jessica Jones Gonzales at jgonza120@neisd.net.



    The interview will consist of a panel interview and discussion of home test artworks, portfolio, and sketchbook. Student home test artworks, portfolio and sketchbook artworks are to be submitted in a digital format using this Google Form: 


    Home test artworks, portfolios and sketchbooks artworks will be evaluated by the Visual Art Director and a panel of their choosing. Note: You may bring in your physical artworks, portfolio, and sketchbook to the interview but it is not necessary.


    Home Test

    The home test consists of three drawings, outlined below, that the student will complete in advance of the interview. All home test artwork must be completed by the student auditioning, be wholly original - not copies of famous works or published images, and from direct observation - students may not work from photographs. Students may use the black/white drawing media of their choosing.

    1. Still Life - a  drawing of inanimate objects. The still life should include objects with a variety of surface textures - smooth, rought, plush, hard, reflective, transparent. 
    2. Self Portrait - students should draw themselves using a mirror as an aide.
    3. Architecture - a drawing that explores a manmade environment. This may be an interior or exterior scene. 

    All drawings should exhibit a full range of values. Students should not rely on contour line to define the edges of forms, but use value contrast instead. Drawings should capture highlights, shadows, cast shadows, and reflected highlights, while using value to describe color. 


    Portfolio & Sketchbook

    The portfolio and sketchbook should consist of ten artworks created by the student auditioning. These artworks should address the criteria listed below:

    • Strong observational drawing skills
    • Created in class, under the instruction of an art educator
    • Demonstrate personal voice
    • Technical excellence in the handling of media and technique
    • Use the elements and principles of design to create original and engaging compositions
    • Demonstrate the student’s ability to transform an assigned project into an artwork with original vision and creativity


    Digital Submission 

    All artwork images, including home test drawings, portfolio and sketchbook artworks will be submitted using the Google Form attached below and must be received at least ONE WEEK prior to the audition date.