Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Academy

  • “Ahead of the Curve,” conveys our overarching mission to provide an enriched, advanced curricular experience.


    Mission Statement

    At the heart of STEM Academy is a comprehensive 6th-12th grade program focused on nurturing passionate, independent learners and thinkers through:

    S - Small, student-oriented learning environments

    T - Technology-infused curriculum

    E - Engaging, hands-on, innovative lessons

    M - Making real world connections through problem-based learning

    At STEM Academy you don’t just attend…you BELONG!

    The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Academy creates visions of future academic and career possibilities and enables students to translate those visions into the realities of college graduation, informed citizenship and international leadership. This small, diverse learning community at the middle and high school levels is united by a common interest in the significant issues of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

    Nimitz Middle School

    Legacy of Educational Excellence High School

  • Features and Accolades:

    • STEM faculty teach the core content courses and STEM electives, enabling us to provide an integrated content approach using the problem-based learning model. High school students will complete Advanced Placement and/or Dual Credit content courses, while specializing in a STEM course pathway – Advanced Science, Biomedical Science, Programming and Software Development, Engineering, or Advanced Manufacturing.
    • We believe expertise in technology is an essential tool for all 21st century students. At the middle school level, all students will master Microsoft Office, coding and web design.
    • With approximately 120 students per grade level, STEM Academy is able to provide a more personalized educational experience. The average student/teacher ratio is 20:1. Extra-curricular and social activities are provided to foster friendships, connections, and mentoring within the STEM student body.
    • STEM Academy is recognized as a role model program and professional development site for other STEM programs across the state.

    STEM Academy Brochure in English (PDF)


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