International School of the Americas (ISA)

Providing students with an authentic and meaningful education.

The International School of the Americas (ISA) high school program achieves success through project-based learning, a low student-teacher ratio, interdisciplinary curriculum, and the integration of technology. ISA offers grade-level travel experiences and an exchange program with partner schools in Germany, Japan, and South Korea. In addition to travel experiences, ISA students connect and communicate directly with other students around the world via online collaborative projects.

ISA Brochure English (PDF)

ISA Brochure Spanish (PDF)

Features and Accolades:

  • Students explore course content through project-based learning and the investigation of real world challenges. Students tackle issues such as globalization, climate change, and government response to natural and economic crisis. Through projects and simulations such as MUNSA, students find creative solutions to complex world issues.
  • Each grade-level team designs a travel experience around a central global theme. Freshman travel to Heifer Ranch in Arkansas to participate in a simulation that examines the needs of developing countries. Sophomores travel to New Mexico to explore the intersection of ideas and people. Juniors travel to Alabama to examine civil and human rights. Seniors travel to Washington, D.C., to explore global and local issues.
  • All ISA students complete a four-year portfolio that includes academic achievements as well as a 120 hour career exploration internship and a 120 hour service learning component. Through Pre-AP, AP, Dual Credit classes, internships, and service, students build a strong portfolio of academic achievement and are well-prepared for life after ISA.

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