• Jarrett

     Anthony Jarrett's Biography

    Mr. Jarrett has 19 years in education, including experience as a teacher, assistant principal and principal. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology in 1998 from Texas Tech University and earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership in 2004 from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Mr. Jarrett has always had a passion for leading and learning. Prior to going into the educational field, he worked as a counselor in a residential treatment center. This experience inspired him to leave counseling and go into education because he wanted to make a difference before a child lost their way in life.

    He believes all good leaders have a belief system that success is dependent on great people and not programs. Mr. Jarrett’s leadership style is to listen, learn, and support people who have the closest impact on our students. He believes that leadership is about building capacity and leaving things better than you found them. His message is for all of us to give every child and teacher hope and efficacy so they can reach their fullest potential and work to build a coherent system around our intentions, actions, and behaviors so nothing is left to chance.