Copyright-Friendly Resources

  • Can I Use That Picture?

    When you search for images on websites it is important to make sure you have permission to use the image and cite the source for the image. There are many ways you can cite your source depending on the type of project you are creating.  

    • List the images and their sources at the end of your project
    • Put the source on the page/slide where the image is
    • Use a technology tool to stamp the citation on the image itself


  • Image sources with content filters

    Appropriate for all students.

    Please read all points of information regarding contribution, advertisements, and outside links. 

    Most library resources include images for student use. Advanced search and filter options allow staff and students to narrow search to images only. 

  • Photos for Class

    • Citation watermarked on the picture (author, name, link, license)
    • Linked to other photo sites, caution students to stay within site when downloading/viewing images
    • Filtered content, appropriate for elementary


  • Pics4Learning

    • Curated image library, free for educational use
    • Downloadable images
    • Save images to Google Drive
    • Photographer retains copyright of image. Citation present to copy/paste
    • Filtered content, appropriate for elementary



    • Public domain images for personal and commercial use
    • Free to download, edit, share, copy and distribute
    • No attribution required
    • Search by color or topic
    • Ads present on site
    • Ability to upload photos
    • Filtered content, appropriate for elementary
  • NASA Image and Video Library

    • Includes images, video, audio
    • Downloadable
    • NASA must be acknowledged as the source
    • Some images may contain copyright restrictions
  • Image sources without filters.

    Appropriate for secondary students, with adult supervision.

    Content use may be restricted by licenses, and will require the user to be familiar with Creative Commons licenses.

  • Creative Commons

    • Searchable images and curated collections, filter by provider, license
    • Photo attribution available with images
    • Licenses available with each image - user must check image for usage rights and requirements
    • Not filtered for students
    • Opportunities to teach students how to contribute and borrow - refer to Creative Commons tab
  • Google image search

    • search for an image
    • select Tools
    • select Usage Rights > Labelled for noncommercial reuse

    • Free for personal and commercial use, not for sales
    • Free to download, edit, modify photos
    • Free stock videos
    • No attribution required. Giving credit to the photographer or Pexels is appreciated.
    • Includes sponsored photos that redirect to a sales link
    • Account creation requires parent permission, accounts not required for use
    • Ability to upload photos
    • Not filtered for students
  • Pixabay

    • Royalty free stock photos and videos
    • All content released under Creative Commons CC0, safe to use without asking permission or giving credit to the artist, even for commercial purposes
    • Turn on the SafeSearch filter to help block inappropriate content - browser/session specific
  • pxhere

    • All pictures are released under Creative Commons CC0 into the public domain
    • Free to copy, modify, distribute, and use images for personal and commercial purposes
    • No attribution required
    • Ability to upload photos
    • Not filtered for students
  • Photo sources listed below require a minimum age of 13 or older.  


    • Free for personal and commercial use
    • Free to download, edit, modify photos
    • No attribution required. Giving credit to the photographer and linking to Unsplash is appreciated.
    • Ability to contribute photos
    • Account creation optional
  • wikimedia commons logo

    • Searchable 
    • Free to copy, use and modify
    • User must abide by Creative Commons license found on each image
    • Ability to upload content, requires registering for an account
    • Online, open-content media repository.  No professionals have reviewed content to assure validity of content.
    • Not filtered for students
  • Sound resources.

    Refer to age restrictions and be aware that sound resources do not filter content.  

    All works used should be cited appropriately.  


    Creator/Author or performer. “Audio/Song Title.” Album/CD Title [if given]. Performance group [if given, or if different from creator/author]. Publishing Company, Web Site, or Record Label [if given], Year Published. Web link [if available/music found online].


    Music: "Tra-la-la" by Podington Bear From the Free Music Archive CC BY NC

    Iveza. “Beat Conductor.” Iveza. Soundzabound, 2011.

    Vladimir Sterzer. “Forgive Me.” Timeless Piano Dreams. Jamendo, 2010.

    Wikimedia Commons Sounds

    • attribution required, including hyperlink back to Wikimedia Commons
    • work can be modified and transformed, but attribution must be given and indicate the original work was modified
    • good source for sound effects

    YouTube Audio Library

    • students 18 year or older, 13 years old must have parental consent to use service. Not available to students under 13
    • search by genre, mood, instrument, duration, and attribution
    • some resources licensed under Creative Commons

    YouTube Sound Effects

    • students 18 year or older, 13 years old must have parental consent to use service. Not available to students under 13

    Soundjay Sound Effects

    • for use in student projects only
    • attribution appreciated, but not required


    • licensed under Creative Commons for reuse and remix
    • search by genre or mood
    • downloadable mp3 files
    • attribution required


    • free account required
    • use items licensed by Creative Commons, attribution required

    dig ccmixter

    • students 13 years or older
    • Licensed under Creative Commons, refer to terms of each license
    • attribution required
    • downloadable mp3 files
    • account optional
  • This page was created in collaboration with Sara Romine, Woodstone Librarian, Teresa Diaz, Tex Hill Librarian, and Naomi Bates.