• Class Assignment

    Assignments are based on English skill level.

    Students have few choices of class sites. Not all sites have all classes and English skill levels. You must be willing to accept the class assignment and site offered.

    We offer morning, afternoon, and evening classes. There are no weekend classes, sorry.

    Are you looking for classes in a different San Antonio area? Check out: https://programs.esc20.net/page/ael.home

    or, Email adulted@neisd.net with questions.


    • Ferrari Learning Center, 107 W. Rampart Drive  Day and evening classes (ESL, HSE and HSE-S)
    • Gethsemane Lutheran Church, 610 Avaron St.  Evening classes only (ESL)
    • Oak Manor Apartments, 2330 Austin Highway   Day classes only (ESL)
    • Madison High School, 5005 Stahl Road   Evening classes only (ESL)
    • Northern Hills United Methodist Church Community Center, 4306 Naco Pass   Day classes only (ESL and HSE-S)