• Register for ESL Classes

    These classes are designed for adults 19 and over, whose first language is one other than the English.

    Participants will learn to speak, read, and write English.

  • Things to Consider Before You Register:

    • The program is funded with federal and state funds; you do not pay tuition or any fees to participate in our instructional programs; however, we require your regular attendance. By joining our program(s), you are making a commitment, a promise to attend class on a regular basis and take required assessments.
    • Carefully consider your work schedule, medical appointments, vacations, childcare and any other barriers that might keep you from attending your assigned class.
    • Registration, orientation, testing and class assignments are held at Ferrari Learning Center, but classes are offered throughout the NEISD. Classes are assigned according to student’s English level and/or class availability, so we can not guarantee that your class class will be at the Ferrari Learning Center or any other location. Students must be able to attend any location within the NEISD where classes are offered. 
  • Participation Requirements:

    • Participants must be 19 or older.
    • Participants must plan to live in San Antonio, TX. for at least the next 12 months.
    • Participants must be looking to obtain a job, get a promotion, change careers, attend college or participate in family/community engagement.
    • Participants must commit to earning 60+ hours within 12 weeks (five hours per week).
    • Participants must maintain a 75% attendance rate.
    • Participants must not be away for extended periods of time. Students are required to notify their instructor of any personal issue that will keep them away from services within 1 month.
    • If you start our program and for some reason you must stop attending, you are required to notify your instructor to schedule an exit test at the Ferrari Building.
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