By joining our program, you are making a commitment, a promise, to attend class on a regular basis and take required assessments. You do not pay tuition or any fees to participate in our instructional program. However, you do owe us your time and effort.

    Our program is grant-funded with Federal and State funds. When students are absent from class and do not take assessments, our program can lose money that keeps our program available for the community.

    Carefully consider your work schedule, medical appointments, vacations, childcare and all barriers that might keep you from attending your assigned class.


    • Registration, orientation, testing, and classes are FREE of charge.
    • Registration, orientation, and testing are held at Ferrari Learning Center, 107 W. Rampart Drive, San Antonio, TX 78216
    • NO CHILDREN ALLOWED during enrollment, orientation, or in class. 

    Step 1) HSE Enrollment 

    Once you submit the inquiry form you will be contacted with class assignment information

    Inquiry Form


    Step 2) Enrollment Form

    Please complete the enrollment form below once you have registered for an appointment date. This enrollment form will need to be brought with you on your scheduled appointment date.

    Download and print: Enrollment Form 2019-2020


    Step 3) Before attending your registration date please watch this video. 

    The video below will give you a better understanding of what to expect and what to bring on your registration date. 

    What You Need to Know

    There are additional steps for minors, 16-, 17-, 18-year olds.

    The additional steps for anyone under 18 are found here.

    HSE Orientation and Information


     Call Ferrari Learning Center: 210-356-7412

     Email: dredde@neisd.net