Business & Industry Council


    The Business & Industry Council has a wealth of expertise, personnel, and technologies to offer our CTE programs at NEISD. Our Council is essential to the successful initiation of CTE programs, and they play an important role in guiding, strengthening, and improving existing programs. Business, industry, and community representatives have a wealth of expertise, personnel, and technologies to offer our CTE programs in NEISD.The Career and Technical Education Advisory Council’s work is important to the effective operation of programs like Agriculture, Automotive, Architecture, Construction, Health Science, Business, Marketing, Manufacturing, Human Services, Law and Government, Architecture, Education and Training, and Information Technology.


Becoming A Member

As a member you can participate at a level comfortable for you.

If you are interested in joining our advisory council, please feel free to contact Justine Missildine, Senior Director for Career and Technical Education at

Levels of Support

  • Advisory
    Council Member
  • Single Events
    or Activities
  • Work-Based Learning Opportunities
  • Enrichment
  • Curriculum, Courses
    or Programs

Advisor Council Member

  • Evaluate Student Scholarships
  • Advise and Evaluate CTE Programs
  • Contribute to Career Night/Expo
  • Advise in Developing New Programs
  • Advocate for the Importance of Career Programs

Single Events or Activities

  • Provide Guest Speakers
  • Share Corporate Designed Lessons and Curriculum
  • Open up Your Organization to Field Trips
  • Support Student Competitions
  • Support Afterschool Clubs or Organizations Through Volunteers or Other Resources
    Example: Sponsorship of Cybersecurity Competition

Work-Based Learning Opportunities

  • Provide Short or Longterm Unpaid Internships
  • Provide Paid Cooperative Internships During the School Year or Summer
  • Participate in Job Shadowing Days or Events
  • Cordinate instruction with the campus that helps students perform well on the job or in partnership with business

Enrichment Support

  • Create an Evening or Summer Program/Camp in Partnership with NEISD Staff and Teachers
  • Support Career Readiness
  • Provide an Understanding of all Aspects of an Industry
  • Examples:
    Alamo STEM Workforce
    Teacher Externships:
    St.Mary's Law Camp: One week program focused on the multiple careers and opportunities in the industry of Law and the court system.

Fully Engaged in CTE Curriculum, Courses or Programs

  • Provide specific Services that supports CTE courses or Programs:
    UTHSCSA EMT Program
    Good Careers Academy training for CNA certifications for students
    Hallmark University AeroChi Program
    Magnet Booster Clubs and Fundraisers (Ag, Automotive)
    Donation of Resources to startup or provide support for specialty programs