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    Mission Objective:

    Enable innovative educational opportunities for North East ISD students, district-wide.  

    Mission Details:

    Donate to NEEF's Team NEISD for as little as $4 per month through payroll deduction.

            What classified level are you?

    Confidential: $4 per month = the cost of 3 breakfast tacos

    Secret: $6 per month = the cost of a large Starbucks latte

    Top-Secret: $10 per month = less than the cost of lunch at a food truck 


    Join Team NEISD here!

  • Photo of Stacy Sebesta, Teacher at MacArthur High School



    “When our kids have the opportunity to be employed, it gives them dignity in the community.”

    Stacey Sebesta, MacArthur High School
    Special Education Grant


    What is the Educational Foundation and how are the donations used?

    The North East Educational Foundation is an independent, nonprofit board who makes innovative, educational opportunities possible for North East ISD students, district-wide. Each year, NEISD teachers can apply for NEEF grants to benefit their classrooms.


    Are my gifts tax-deductible?

    Yes, to the fullest extent of the law. Your paystub serves as your tax receipt. If you make a one-time donation, you will receive a receipt through campus email.


    How do I make a gift?

    Sign up online here: http://bit.ly/TeamNEISD


    Want to learn more?

    Contact Development Coordinator Caleigh Isaacks at cisaac@neisd.net or at (210) 407 - 0009.


    Sandra Suarez, El Dorado Elementary School

    “Developing a love for science really begins early and having an opportunity to get hands-on and get their hands dirty is incredible. My first thought when I saw the check was that our dreams were coming true.”

    Sandra Suarez, El Dorado Elementary School
    Community Garden Grant