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Ever tried an Armadillo Egg?

Armadillo leaning against eggs

Cibolo Green Elementary School students are trying something new, and many are finding a passion in the process. PE Coaches Matt Criswell and Jeremy Rizzo enjoy grilling and smoking meats on the weekends, so they asked if they could start a grilling club. Their principal said yes.

“This gives us a chance to show the students something we are personally passionate about, that we are more than just PE Coaches,” said Criswell. “And it’s a lot of fun.”

pics of kids from grilling club

There are about 15 students in the club. So far this year, they’ve made beef jerky, pulled pork, salsa and burnt ends. The students learn the recipes and do all the prep work, like seasoning and marinating the meat. Then, the coaches take the food home to be grilled or smoked and bring it back to school for the students to try. 

But it’s not just about learning how to cook; they also get lessons in the process. For example, the latest recipe the Grilling Club tried was Armadillo Eggs. That’s cream cheese stuffed in a jalapeno, wrapped in sausage and bacon. While preparing the “eggs,” the student learned facts about armadillos and what makes jalapenos hot.

kids in club

The students were engaged. They were excited about learning. They loved the hands-on “egg” making. The Grilling Club is just one of the dozens of clubs available to Cibolo Green students once a month.

Clubs are just one way our teachers and coaches are helping students find their passions #theNEISDway


Evan Henson
posted on: 04/12/2023