State law states shots must be current or students will not be allowed to attend school.

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    MEDICATION: NEISD has a very strict medication policy. Students who do not follow this policy are referred to an administrator. NEISD policy regarding cough drops. Cough drops will not be used in school unless a written prescription by a physician is provided. Students are not to bring medications to school themselves. A parent or guardian must bring in the medications. Medications will not be accepted without proper documentation.

    INHALERS: Please do not take inhalers to school and give to the coaches. All inhalers must first go through the school nurse. Proper physician's documentation must be in place before a coach may accept or administer the inhaler. It will be the decision of the school nurse to determine if proper documentation has been received. Coaches have been instructed not to accept inhalers from parents or students for practices or games.

    INJURY: Crutches or wheelchairs will not be allowed without a physician's written order. (This is in compliance with NEISD policy outlined in the student/parent handbook under Health Services.) Parent notes asking for PE limitations are allowed for 3 days only. Restrictions longer than 3 days require written physician's orders. If your child is injured at school and requires medical care, please present the school nurse with physician's documentation of the visit, diagnosis, treatment, limitations, etc.

    ILLNESS: Students are expected to be free of fever and/or communicable disease in order to attend school. A temperature of 100 is considered a fever. Parents/Guardians are required to pick up their students as soon as possible if the student develops a fever at school or exhibits other symptoms of illness, injury, or contagious disease, such as, but not limited to, rash, pinkeye, vomiting, diarrhea, or live head lice. Students may not be given medication for fever in order to keep them in school. The student is to be excluded from school until proper treatment has been administered and the condition has improved. A physician's statement may be required before a student is allowed to return to school. (This is in compliance with the NEISD student/parent handbook under Health Services section)

    SPECIAL NEEDS: If your child has special medical needs or there is something you think the nurse should be aware of, please send a note or phone any time. Confidential information will be shared with teachers and staff on a need to know basis only. Please alert me to any allergies your child may have.

    EMERGENCY INFORMATION: Please notify the school of any phone number changes as soon as possible. We need to be able to reach you should your child become injured or severely ill.



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