• 2022/2023 Impact Report


  • Students participated in a lesson using the Texas 2x2 book, Inside Cat. We discussed the community around the school and then students practiced driving around the community using the ozobots. Observations were made about what they saw and where they had been in our Canyon Ridge community.
  • Students in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade had the opportunity to participate in Fairy Tale Bowl (2nd grade) or Battle of the Books (3rd and 4th grade). These programs encourage students to read from a list of titles, and then compete in a quiz show style question/answer competition. They compete against other students from other classes on the same grade level.
  • Hour Of Code was celebrated by students during the week of December 5th-9th. Students coded using ipad apps, Code.org, and different types of robots while the younger students enjoyed a coding dance party. Hour of Code introduces ways that coding impacts students' daily lives and introduces them to potential jobs that include coding.
  • Fifth grade students had the opportunity to participate in a reading challenge called Tournament of Genres. Students read for 100 minutes each week to earn the opportunity to vote for their favorite genre using a bracket style system where they voted for their favorite genre. They collected prizes and documented their reading that included a basketball Sweet 16 style.
Students use ozobots to navigate map of community.
ebooks books in collection
ebooks books checked out

Students comparing literature books and poetry.


  • Students studied Hispanic Americans who impacted our Nation. Displays with people to choose from were placed on the tables. They used Pebble Go Next and Britannica to learn about these important people, and practiced taking notes about the person they learned about.
  • Third - Fifth grade students participated in a comparison of picture books and poems. Students read the picture book and a matching poem. Then compare and contrast the two works of writing and explained their findings using Google Forms on Chromebooks.
  • Students participated in Adventure centers to celebrate Read Across America. Students explored parts of Texas, the US, the world, and space using programs such as CultureGrams, News-o-matic, Britannica along with nonfiction books about abandoned places around the world. Students explored their options and chose between 4-7 centers to complete during their library time.
  • First grade students were studying about objects in the sky. They used ipads to scan QR codes relating to different objects they could study. When they found their favorite object, they took notes and recorded what they learned on Chatterpix.

Students launching their pumpkins.

Lesson Spotlight

One of our favorite campus activities is our Pumpkin Chunkin unit in the library. Students study different types of catapults using Britannica and SIRS Discoverer. Students create a design using the engineering process and build their catapult as a team using supplies from the library. Students then use their catapult to chunk candy pumpkins and collect data about which team catapult successfully launched the farthest. The winning group is announced and awarded a trophy.



  • Kindergarten was looking for a new way to introduce research in the classroom and make it exciting. We worked on planning together using new books and library resources. The classes read Pigeon Will Ride the Roller Coaster and learned all about roller coasters. Students then put their knowledge to work designing their own roller coaster.
  • This year the librarian and Instructional Technology Specialist have been working together to add new technologies and concepts to the library curriculum. These planning sessions are used to seamlessly incorporate technology to the TEKS and resources for the students and staff.
  • This year the librarian has been working closely with several librarians on planning and lessons, in addition, she has planned regularly with the librarian from Stahl working to build curriculum and refine practices for the Stahl librarian.
  • Third grade was looking for a mini research unit to align with their TEKS, but were looking for classroom specific lessons. The librarian worked with the grade level planners and created a mini research unit on National parks to help support their TEKS in the classroom. The librarian was able to add mini-lesson videos for the classes to use during their activities in the classroom.

Collaboration Spotlight

This year our campus celebrated Earth Day in many ways. One of the ways we celebrated in the library was for students to learn about Earth Day using library resources such as Britannica. They then transferred their knowledge to create advertisements on Canva slides to add to the morning announcements slideshow.


Students using computers.

Campus Leader

  • This fall the library was awarded a grant from NEEF for expanding the collection of neurodiverse text types in the library. This will increase the number of audio books, large print books, and sensory board books in the library.
  • Pre K - 2nd grade teachers were treated to a library training. The training included new literature, books and resources to incorporate SEL into the classroom, library resources online, iPad integration, and a quick Canva introduction.
  • Future coyotes were invited to a Kinder Round up at Canyon Ridge. The librarian was there to read stories and interact with future students along with handing out donated books to our future students.
  • Fifth grade students try out for leadership positions. Students who make the Ridge Reporter and Tech Team leadership positions meet every morning in the library. The librarian works with these students to successfully put on a live program every morning with technology and script writing support.
NEEF Grant awarded
Morning announcements