• Choral music is art, skill and activity.  The NEISD content standards for middle school and high school choirs are the benchmarks for instruction. The program consists of group performance as well as individual instruction.

    Choral music in offered as an elective at 14 middle schools and 7 high schools.  The choral staff consists of 32 fully certified choral specialists.  Over 2,000 high school students are enrolled in the choir programs.  The schedules include men’s choirs, women’s choirs, mixed voice choirs, and vocal ensembles, which include show choirs, vocal jazz ensembles and madrigal choirs.  Private voice lessons are available on all high school campuses and some middle school campuses where space allows.

    The many successes within our music programs have created a strong sense of pride within our district and has resulted in NEISD being a most desirable community in which to work and live.  Due to our master directors and teachers, supportive community, and talented students, NEISD will certainly continue on the path of excellence in all of our Fine Arts programs.


    Choral music in offered as an elective at all 14 middle schools in North East ISD. The choral staff consists of fully-certified choral specialists as well as countless vocal coaches and private lesson teachers. Nearly 2,000 middle school students are enrolled in our district’s choir programs which is a testament to the outstanding teaching and wonderful opportunities available to our NEISD choir students.

    When entering middle school, students simply need to select “Choir” on their choice sheet and the middle school choir director will place them in the correct class. Courses include Tenor Bass choirs, Treble choirs, and mixed voice choirs, and are sometimes split based on grade level. Choir students will learn a multitude of styles from Classical technique to pop choirs. Students will have many opportunities to perform throughout the year and a large number of our students achieve success throughout the TMEA All-Region middle school choir audition process. Private voice lessons are available on most middle school campuses where space allows.


    Many of our programs also have a small fee associated with membership, which helps to offset the cost of performances, guest clinicians, competitions, music arrangements, and much more. These fees can often be fully paid through fundraisers during the school year.

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