• 2021/2022 Impact Report


  • Literary Pumpkin Patch: Students and Families were encouraged to decorate a pumpkin as a character from their favorite books or setting from their favorite book. The pumpkins were displayed in the library during the book fair.
  • Book Fairs: The Library hosted two book fairs this year, one during the fall and one during the spring. The Book Fairs also included themed dress up days and events for the students. Both were held during parent conference week to allow more parents and community members an opportunity to shop.
  • Battle of the Books: 3rd and 4th grade students participated in Battle of the Books this year. 3rd grade had 12 books included in their battle while 4th grade had 14 books. Teachers had the opportunity to read the books to their class and students checked them out. 5th grade had a Bluebonnet Battle using this year’s 20 Bluebonnet books for their battle.
  • Fairy Tale Battle: Second grade students studied fairy tales both in the classroom and the library throughout the year. They then had a Fairy Tale Battle in the same fashion as Battle of the Books to prepare them for next year.
  • Author visit: Author and Illustrator Nathan Hale visited Royal Ridge Library this year. Mr. Hale spoke with grades 3-5 about history, drawing, and how he writes all his books. He also had a private lunch with student library volunteers.
Librarian Mrs. Crumrine greets the Scholastic Book Fair.
ebooks books in collection
ebooks books checked out

Fifth grade student uses Google Slides for research


  • Why Move to Texas Flyers: 4th grade students researched and discussed the many reasons why people were willing to move to Texas with Stephen F. Austin. The librarian then reviewed these reasons and discussed the different qualities of an effective flyer, and students were given examples to evaluate. Students then worked in the library to create flyers to persuade pioneers to come to Texas with Stephen F. Austin.
  • The Great American Race of Natural Resources: 5th grade students used library resources to research Natural Resources in the game style of the popular TV show, “The Great American Race.” Print resources were used by students while in their classrooms and digital resources such as Encyclopedia Britannica and National Geographic Kids were used in the library.
  • Kinder Animals: Kinder students each selected an animal from an approved selection to research and learn more about. The students used Chatterpix to create a short video talking about what animal they researched and 3 simple facts such as what they look like and what they eat.
  • Natural Disasters: Third grade students used library print materials and digital resources to investigate an assigned natural disaster. In class, they created a poster about their topic. In the library students participated in a Nearpod over several of the disasters they learned about.
  • Who am I Biography: Second grade classes learned about the different characteristics of a good biography both in class and in the library. Students selected a biography from the library and completed research over the person they selected. Students used their research to create a “Who am I?” guessing game trifold.

Students discover if a beak or flipper works best in sand.

Lesson Spotlight

First grade students had a field trip to the zoo this year. In class, they learned about different animal traits, the difference between what they eat, habitats, etc. To contribute to their “zoo experience,” students researched about becoming a zookeeper in the library. Students learned about how zoos and zookeepers handle all the animal waste with the book, What do they do with all that poo? On their next trip to the library, students heard the book What Would You Do If You Worked At The Zoo? First grade students then heard from a Zookeeper on their Top 10 things you need to be a zookeeper. Using the Zookeeper’s list, students completed a “Zookeeper Application,” making sure to talk about all the qualities they possess to be a great zookeeper. To complete their look at becoming a zookeeper students created a picture of themselves as a zookeeper to be displayed with their application.



  • Librarian Collaboration: The librarian worked closely with the PLC group assigned to them by Library Services on book collection, promotion, and lesson ideas. The librarian also worked closely with Librarians Johnson, Vargas, and Gleinser on problem-solving, lesson ideas, book orders, etc.
  • Thanksgiving Day Parade: Working with the GT teacher, students learned about the origins of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and created their own model of NYC. The students then used Ozobots to create a parade path for multiple parade floats.
  • First Grade Research: The Librarian worked with the Instructional Coordinator for Library Services to create a research lesson for first grade students about the different careers available at a city zoo. We looked for resources that would be grade appropriate as well as final product ideas and supplemental visuals.
  • Kinder Chatter Pix: The Librarian partnered up with the Instructional Technology Specialist to create ChatterPix videos of the kindergarten students after they had completed their animal research. The ITS and Librarian helped to teach the students how to use the app and how to share the videos with the teachers.
  • Field Day: The Librarian collaborated with the other members of the Specials team and the Family specialist to plan and execute the annual Royal Ridge Field Day. Volunteers from the community and students from the ACE program were also brought in to help.

Collaboration Spotlight

Dashing Around the World The Librarian and Gifted and Talented teacher worked together to take first grade GT students on a “road trip” around the World. The Librarian worked with first grade students on using blocks of code while the GT teacher began working with them to explore and learn about different regions of Earth. The Librarian then introduced the students to Dash robots. The students used the Blockly app and worked towards earning their “drivers licenses” for the Dash robots. This taught them how to control and maneuver the robots as well as map out a route for the robot to travel. Once the first grade students knew how to operate Dash, the GT teacher used them to travel through different areas and regions of the Earth including the Amazon Rainforest and The Sahara Desert.


4th grade student creates parade route through cardboard city.

Campus Leader

  • Learning Ally PD: The Librarian led the staff in a PD on the many uses of Learning Ally. In this, Learning Ally was modeled, and the teachers were reintroduced to the many ways students can qualify to use the program.
  • Health & Wellness Night: The Librarian worked with the Family Specialist, Music teacher, and PE teacher to plan a Health and Wellness Night for the community. The night included healthy activities and informational stations about nutrition.
  • Campus Technology: The Librarian is a member of the Campus Technology Committee and works to keep the campus technology updated and functioning. She is also one of the first troubleshooting people on campus that attempts to help fix technology questions and issues the staff faces throughout the year.
  • Assistant CTC: The Librarian assists the Campus Testing Coordinator in her testing duties. She works closely with the CTC to organize all testing materials, schedules, accommodations, etc.
  • From learning to read to reading to learn: The Librarian attended a PD that focused on different styles of books to help younger readers become stronger, lifelong readers. The session also explained how different formats of books can help improve literacy in emergent readers. Those formats included picture books, graphic novels, audiobooks, and read along books. Lastly, the session gave The Librarian ideas on how to better promote and utilize the different styles in the school library.
Group of NEISD Librarians at monthly professional development.
Royal Ridge Student selects vegetable seeds.