• 6th grade Social Studies: Cultural Diffusion Stations

    Introductory Listening Station Video

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    Barcodes to add back into system


    7th grade ELAR, click here to post one credible article that passes the CRAAP test.  


    Book Fair Calculator



    GT Criminal Research - October 2023

    *** Make a copy of this

    Google slide and rename it.



    2022-2023 Harris MS Summer Literacy Night


    Genre Quiz

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    Book Shelf Game (Dewey's Shelf Game) 

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    8th Grade ELAR for Holocaust Haiku Lesson 

    Objective: I will analyze mentor texts for author's purpose and tone.

    TEKS  (9) Author's purpose and craft: listening, speaking, reading, writing, and thinking using multiple texts. The student uses critical inquiry to analyze the authors' choices and how they influence and communicate meaning within a variety of texts. The student analyzes and applies author's craft purposefully in order to develop his or her own products and performances.    (F) analyze how the author's use of language contributes to the mood, voice, and tone.

    Listen to this 3-minute podcast below. Write 3-5 words on your Haiku starter.

    Open the link below to read along, then click the play button.

    A family helped a Holocaust survivor escape death. Then they became his real family


    7th Grade ELAR Resources 

    Objective: I will practice determining author's purpose.

    1. Watch the Evaluating Sources video (CRAAP)

    2. Click here to complete ONLINE: "Evaluating Resources" (CRAAP) video, take notes, and evaluate some resources. (Make a copy.)

    3. Author's Purpose on windows



    Mrs. Cervera-Torres' AIM class


    FIRST: Listen to the podcasts TWICE.

    NEXT: Complete one "Talk Response" graphic organizer per podcast.

    FINALLY: Turn in to Mrs. Cervera-Torres. Return Transcripts to Ms. Stewart.

    ** Example podcast that Ms. Stewart demonstrated with.**

    1. PODCAST #1 - Click here to listen to "Growing Interest in Anime Movies is a Beacon of Hope for the Entire Industry."






    GT ELAR Resources 

    Objective: Examine sources for: reliability, credibility, and bias; 8th grade: including omission.

    1. Watch video and complete "What are Internet Domains?" graphic organizer

    2. Watch video: "Difference between Google and Research Databases" & complete fill-in-the-blank.

    3. Author's Purpose

    4. Card Sort (get a board from Ms. Stewart) 

    5. Click here to complete ONLINE: "Evaluating Resources" (CRAAP) video, take notes, and evaluate some resources. (Make a copy.)



    1st Thursdays Origami

    10/6/2022 - Origami bat

    2nd Thursdays Chess

    3rd Thursdays CODING  for SCRATCH


    1. Watch VIDEO for LESSON 2.

    2. Choose a Sprite. Make him/her walk, fly, or run to school.


    1. Watch the  VIDEO for LESSON 1

    2. Click here to log into SCRATCH. Use your (NEISD Google account).

    4th Thursdays 3D Printing Video

    Click link below to watch.


    Please click below to submit your 3D file.



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    Enjoy these groups before school on Thursdays. Check the library door for any changes.

    1st Thursdays - Origami & Crafts
    2nd Thursdays - Chess or checkers
    3rd Thursdays - Coding
    4th Thursdays - 3D Printing
    * These are subject to change.

     **Please sign and return your Think Together Thursday permission slip for participation.


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