• Students will receive a responsibility/conduct mark for homework not handed in on time.

    A grade up to 70% will be recorded when re-doing, re-testing, and/or re-assessing for a failed grade. The student will have the opportunity to re-do missed problems with a re-teach from the teacher until correct.

    Projects and long-term assignments will earn 5% deduction a day up to a 20% total loss from the total grade.

    Late work will be accepted until the material has been assessed summatively.

    Please note that work missed during any unexcused absence is considered “late work” and will be graded as per Late Work policies.

    Many projects this year will be assessed using rubrics. Teachers will provide a rubric to the students and discuss expectations when the assignment is introduced.


    Late Work

    Late work is defined as any assignment that is not submitted on the due date and/or time, with the exception of make-up work due to absences.

    Teachers may deduct up to 20 percent from the total grade earned as a late penalty for any assignment turned in after the due date in accordance with District published regulations disseminated to students.

    Late work will be accepted until the material has been assessed summatively.

    Extensive late work will be reflected using the comment codes section of the report card.

    Failing grades due to the application of a late work penalty will not constitute the need for re-teaching.


    Explanation of Conduct Slips

    In fifth grade, we continue to teach children that they are responsible for their actions. If rules are broken they must learn to accept the consequences. If a student is misbehaving, the teacher will put a yellow conduct slip (turned upside down) on their desk to serve as a warning/reminder that their behavior needs to change. If their behavior does not improve, the student will receive the conduct mark. The student will complete the form (with teachers initials) and take it home for a parent signature. This is our way to communicate with parents for minor infractions.





    If a student does not have their completed homework, they will receive a conduct mark.

    Each class has a traveling folder with a chart to keep track of their mark slips. This final grade (E,S,U, and N) will be their conduct grade on the report card for the nine weeks.