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Asthma Tips

Inhalers will be kept in the clinic, only.

We provide inhaler medication in the clinic following the basic medication rules. Inhalers may only be dropped off or picked up by parents. Inhalers found in the  possession of students will be confiscated and parents will be alerted to retrieve them at their convenience.

The Asthma Action Plan

Most physician's offices will provide an Asthma Action Plan for school inhaler use. Below is a copy of the form for you to download as needed:

Asthma Education

The NEISD asthma educator is Diane Rhodes, BBA, RRT, AE-C, RCP. She may be reached at (210) 356-9247 or

Self carry of inhalers is not supported in the elementary school setting, but we do begin education for students approaching middle school so they are ready when they arrive.


Please also visit our Health Services Asthma Forms page for additional Asthma pointers and information.


This information, and more, is published in pages 66-67 of the NEISD Elementary School Student/Parent Handbook.

Peter Leinweber, RN